Manifestation of a Fish's Spirit

(Translated by a Tao Devotee)


Emperor Zhou Wang favorite concubine Da Ji - on her true account of her reincarnation cycles.


The presence of a Fish Spirit was felt when it manifested itself through the Three Oracle (medium) in the Temple and it foretold its reincarnation cycles.


In the year 1992, on the 16th October Friday in Malaysia, I, as a Tao kin had been propagating Tao there for four years. However, the Tao affairs are not flourishing as expected after all. This year, I went to Malaysia again to spread Tao and to listen to its Tao Dharma Classes. I helped to make the Tao kin more tenable and we held a Tao Dharma Session in Ji Da Zhou at the Temple of Da En Fuo Tang. It was a one-day Assembly Class.


In the morning, one of the Three Oracles (Spiritual Medium) named Wu Mei Hui suddenly felt discomfort all over her body. She felt instantly thirsty and it was an extreme torture on her. She drank 9 full cups of water but it still could not help to quench her thirst. She bore with it till afternoon until she could not take in any more food. It was until when lunch was over, the Tao Lecturer was teaching all the Tao participants to sing the Holy Song and this Oracle was sitting at the back of the Class, listening to the Tao Lecturer, Brother Lin Jun Hong explaining the meanings of the Holy Song.


Suddenly, there was a loud Bang coming from the back of the class and all the Tao participants were alarmed and quickly turned their back to take a look. This Oracle had fallen to the ground with her chest facing the floor. Both of her legs were straightened and closed up. Both of her hands were uplifted and clapped together tightly, forming a Buddha praying gesture and her body was slightly bend to form a small triangular shape. Her body was clad tightly with two of her hands in a praying posture and her outlook appeared stern and angry. She started yelling loudly for four times and she sounded very terrifying. It made one feels very scared to be in goose pimples and in shivering! This happening was aroused for quite sometime and some of the Tao participants had no way out but felt apprehensive and scared. So, they packed up their seats and stood quietly at the corner of the Temple.


Baptist Zhang Tien Ying was present at the moment together with Temple Owner Lai Li Xiang, Ding Su Ying hurriedly rushed forward to stop all the commotion. They tried hard to prevent this Spirit possession from harming the Oracle body.


Fish Spirit  : I forbid all of you to conduct the Tao Dharma Classes. All of you are indeed very selfish. All of you are so fortunate to be able to attend the Tao Dharma Classes. I am indignant. I feel very unjustified. I will never let all of you off! It is so easy for you to obtain Tao but you have not even returned your debts to me. All of you are too evil and selfish! I hate all of you. You ate my flesh and meat, peeled off my skin and tasted my bones. And I even let you obtain Tao so easily. It is all because of your Great Enlightened Teacher who keeps forbidding me to stop all of you from obtaining Tao. Or else, I would have manifested my presence long time ago.


You, as a human being now, are sitting at the Buddha’s chairs right in this Temple and you still have the guts to eat my flesh. Return all these debts to me! All of you think that there are no sins at all. I hate all of you, hated all of you……I hated……………Do you all know who I am? I am a very Big Fish Spirit reincarnation, a big fish………all of you keeps eating us up. I hated all of you as Tao Cultivators. I hated you and I wished to take away your life……………..


This fish spirit was feeling very enraged and frustrated and when she opened her mouth to speak, she clenched her fists and gnash her teeth (ground her teeth). She even frequently hit at the floor with her hands. The Oracle hands had instantaneously become the fish’s fins at this moment and it even become the tool for the fish to vent her rage and hatred.


Baptist Zhang      : Please do not torture the Oracle body. (He even combined efforts with Lai Li Xiang and Ding Su Ying to use their hands to stop the fish from hurting the Oracle’s hands. (The Fish had possessed in the Oracle Body.)


Fish Spirit  : Please do not catch me, let go of me. (The fish shouted loudly)! Life after life, all of you keep eating us up. I am so hateful that I wish to eat all of you up. You eat me up so joyfully and now, I have to show you my ferocious anger! We, as fishes are not able to acquire Tao and yet you all can acquire Tao so easily. If not because of your Great Enlightened Teacher who stopped me from obstructing you all, you would never have such a chance at all.  All of you do not even have any merits and you ate up my flesh. All of you are being so selfish and egoistic, all seeking pleasure for oneself and never even think in a considerate way for others. Don’t you think that in these few years, you had met with many setbacks and obstacles. This is the torture and sufferings I want to show to you as a Tao Cultivator. Because all of you are leading such a good life already, that’s why I want to torture you until you lose all your faith and confidence in Tao. I do not want you to ascend to Heaven. I want you to be tarnished in your reputation, suffer from defamations and slanders. Even more so, I want to drag you down to be with us because you think that all fishes are meant for you to eat!


Mencius once said   : I have seen the birth of everything and yet I cannot bear to see it’s death. As I heard the animals’ cries, I cannot bear to partake its meat.


In general, most of the people feel that animals like Cow, horses, pigs, lambs, chickens, ducks and fishes are meant to be eaten by human beings. They have not understood that in the Chinese Word of Meat, there are in fact 2 ‘human’ beings words written in to form this Word ‘Meat’. Do you still have the heart to kill the animals as food consumption? Please think carefully and use your heart to introspect the pitiful lives of the innocent animals. Humans and animals are just being different in their physical forms only!


Fish Spirit  : Every one of us all in fact had a spiritual Soul. It is just that you cultivated much better than us whereas for me, I had in fact done more sins and evil deeds than you. Why do I have to find vengeance and debts from you all? Because all of you are not aware that it is important to accumulate merits when cultivating Tao. That’s why without your true merits, I am unable to receive this merits transference and receive Heaven’s mercy and blessings. Not only have you eaten my flesh in this lifetime, you do not even know that in this life, you ought to Cultivate Tao. Notwithstanding this fact, you still continue to indulge in meat-eating. I forbid all of you to set up and conduct Tao Dharma Classes. I do not want you to be rational and aware of the Eternal Truth. I want to take away your life. And to let you be deluded all your life like a drunken man. After you acquired Tao, you are not cultivating Tao at all. Instead you blasphemed about this Great Tao. You can see for yourselves, whether I am hateful or are you more abominable and detestable! If you blasphemed about Tao, I will assist you in that. I do not wish to see you accumulating merits. I want you to be just like me. Among all of you, who dare to say he had never eaten any fish-meat before? Come out, anyone of you! You all have killed lives just to satisfy your delectable meals.


[In our past lives, we may not be aware but in this present life, every one of us, from young till now had all eaten meat before whether it is a small or huge amount. That’s why when the fish spirit asked about whether we had never eaten any fish-meat before, no one stands out to confess and the atmosphere instantaneously become very quiet and still.]


Fish Spirit  : I will never let all of you off. I will never let you cultivate Tao. I want you to be in hesitations every time about cultivations of Tao. I even want you to lose confidence in your Senior Tao kin. Do not think that what you cannot see in your eyes and it would mean nothing in your heart.


If Heaven had not descended this Tao, all of you are in fact my enemies, are in fact my debtors! I hated, I hated…………….Please do not forget who I am. I am in fact a very famous historian. In my past life, I am in fact a Wolf spirit (means seductive woman) and I am a despicable person. Do not be suspicious why now, I am a fish spirit? I hated……………


[At this moment, this fish spirit keeps hitting on the floor with her hands and she let out her cries of rage and frustrations. Moreover, she keeps moving her body, front and back, right and left as if swimming in water. Baptist Zhang and the participating Tao helpers all moved forward to stop her. In return, she shouted and blamed us, looking extremely angry and frustrated………..]


Fish Spirit  : I am swamped! Let go of me! Let go of me! I am not torturing you now, quickly let go of me! Those who stand near me, I will take my revenge! I will use my fish fins to hit you hard!


Lecturer Lim         : Why not you use this opportunity to explain in details why you had become a fish reincarnation………..


Fish Spirit  : You do not have the caliber and rankings to talk to me in this manner. Your Baptist had not even said a word out, what’s there for you to say!


Lecturer Lim         : Oh, gosh, Ai! You have transgressed to become a fish reincarnation at this bad stage and yet you put such rude words across to us!


Fish Spirit  : I hated Oh! Of course, I am unwilling to repent of my misdeeds. I no longer had the chance to be emancipated from my reincarnation cycles. That’s why I hated, I hated………………..


Baptist Wang        : Alright! Please stay quiet and slowly tells us what had happened to you so that all of us can understand better and to repent sincerely!


Fish Spirit  : I am extremely frustrated! If your own flesh had been eaten by others, how would you feel from the bottom of your heart? Do you also think of eating back the person? Do you think of taking revenge? This is the common hearts we all have. You all would feel the same way as I do. If someone tells you something, you would also feel angry in your heart and that’s how I feel……………


[ Confucius once said: If you respect someone, naturally you will be respected by others. If you show compassion, you will be shown mercy as well] There is another sayings: In all four corners of the earth are in fact all our brothers and sisters. However, sentient beings are often like this: If you hate someone, someone will have hated you back, similarly if your harm someone, you will be harmed in return. This would lead to feelings of ingratitude and resentments and be swayed by personal feelings of grievances and old scores. And you reciprocated an injury for an injury endlessly…………..]


Fish Spirit  : Do not think that just because you are Buddha Jigong’s Disciples and I dared not take any harm against you! This is because all of you had in fact eaten our fishes’ meat. As long as there are seas, there will be fishes around and this is inter-related. Moreover, in your lifetime, you have not just eaten one fish only……..All of you are so hateful and are detestable…………


 [At this moment, the Oracle’s head was facing the Male Tao participants and her legs facing the Female Tao participants. Baptist Wang was standing near to the Female Tao participants and he moved forward to get closer to the Oracle (whom the fish had possessed in her.) He was thinking of getting the Tao Service Volunteers to help the Oracle move a bit to the front in a hope that the front role can have a better view.]


Fish Spirit  : Do not try to get near to me!


[At this moment, the Oracle suddenly made a big turn and her legs seemingly became the fish’s tails. It was so coincidental that her tails hit hard on Baptist Wang lower ankle. On that day, Baptist Wang only felt a bit painful and did not bother much about it. The next day, the inflicted wounds pain on him that it had became a blue mark and the mark was so long that it resembled the texture of the fish……….]


Fish Spirit  : I am so hot, I want a drink! You go away (refers to Baptist Wang). You go away! I do not want to touch your Buddha Lights in you. I hated Buddha lights. I do not want any Buddha Lights at all. I love darkness the most. I never like Buddha Lights at all. That’s why I also do not wish that you can assimilate any Buddha Lights at all. Why do I look for you all? This is because all of you do not have faith in Tao. When someone slanders Tao, you will be swayed by personal feelings and regretted not eating meat…………


Baptist Wang        : All the Tao Participants here, do you all have faith in Tao? (All answered: Yes) Do you still want to eat fishes in the future? (Some answered no and the rest remained quiet……….)


Fish Spirit  : You have not even done any good deeds and merits at all. It is so detestable that you even eat up all our fleshes! In life, there are bounds to have cause and effect. I forbid all of you to take Buddha seats in this Temple. If you often stay at home, I am most happy about it because you would not have any chance to propagate Tao to anyone……………..


[Human said: If you eat meat half a kilo, you have to return back in double amount. This is not wrong at all. If we eat meat, we have to forbear with all retribution effects. As a sayings go: If you are without true merits, I advise the gentleman not to indulge in meat-eating as there are many benefits of a vegetarian diets and one does not create enemies with the animals.] There is a path called Tao and Tao is in our actions. If we do not follow this Tao path, who would know about it? Heaven will never speak and Earth is silent. How fortunate it is to be a human being on earth to help spread the Words of Heaven! If we simply adhere to looking after our own family, being bind with fraternal love with a family reunion, and when your time is up, we still have to depart our loved ones! That’s why our creditors of the deceased liked us to stay at home often so that they would be able to collect their debts from us easily. Do you wish to be tricked by them?]


Fish Spirit  : Today, you can make it at this Class, it’s never an easy task. However, not every one of you comes here willingly! That’s why I am most happy about this. If you do not have any merits and virtues, I will look for you definitely. In actual fact, I had hoped to make my manifestations in the last few years. It was all because of your Great Enlightened Teacher, Buddha Jigong who stopped me from doing so……………


[Buddha Jigong once said: Ever since you left Heaven and you drown in the sea of sufferings on earth, it was never easy to find every one of you back to this Temple. Your guarantor and indicator also brought you to this Temple. They were filled with sins all over their body and the sins they carry are deeply felt by Heaven. When you moved into this Temple, the Four Golden Bodyguards and the Eight Heaven’s kings were all here protecting the Temple. There is someone who came and left the Temple. There are also others who cannot make it to the Temple and they are unable to acquire Tao!


When you think of acquiring Tao, our Great Enlightened Teacher is so anxious and worried for you that you cannot pass through this Tao acquisition ceremony. After you acquired Tao, all of your past karma and retribution will arrive, is it possible for our Great Enlightened Teacher not to be worry for your safety?


It is his own disciples whom our Great Enlightened Teacher should protect and no one else! The truth is just right in front of us, what choice does our Great Enlightened Teacher has?


There are so many disciples and when our past creditors look for us, it is our Great Enlightened Teacher who helps to resolve these enmities for us through His good and cordial words and acting as a mediator. After solving our problems, our Great Teacher would shed his tears and give a smile : [It is all because I am your Great Teacher! Just for this past karma and sins, it is I, your Teacher who can shoulder such a burden in me for you!]


[Our Great Teacher’s love for the disciples is so deep and profound! He does not mind shouldering the sins on behalf of all His disciples so that we as His disciples are able to cultivate and propagate Tao smoothly in the Temple.]


Fish Spirit  : I do not like all of you to listen to Dharma Discourses! I also forbid everyone of you to acquire Tao! I want all of you to suffer from defamations and slanders so that you all will know what are the sufferings of staying under the sea? You had never tasted these sufferings before and that’s why you are oblivious. I want all of you to be the same just like me to taste what are the sufferings of staying inside the cold and deep sea. If you do not cultivate Tao and propagate Tao earnestly, you will land under our control and this is in fact your own retribution! (The fish spirit sounded very tyrannical when it spoke these 2 sentences and its expression was extremely charming and loving.)


That’s why I hated all of you and just among you, only very few could understand what I am saying……………..


[At this moment, the Fish Spirit expression and outlook became very indignation, full of wrath and was boiled with deep hatred enraged. Moreover, this fish is subjected to changing moods. This really makes us feel goose pimples and gooseflesh all over.


I do not want all of you to do good deeds, I do not want you to indicate Tao to others. Only in this way, then can I take your life away. The more you shun away from the Temple, the more disadvantaged you become. Do not regard that the non-image spirits are non-existent, take it as a reminder from me………..Especially the home-makers are the ones who had committed heinous sins from food-cooking…………….


(Home-makers are the ones doing the cooking and in order to satisfy the palates of everyone at home, it is inevitable not to kill chickens, ducks and fishes and to cut up their meat. Our Great Enlightened Teacher once delivered compassionately: When killing fishes, one ought to be extra careful not to kill the mother fishes which are about to give birth to many small fishes. If we kill this mother fish, all the babies inside the mother fish’s womb will all be calculated as our sins and debts. That explains why Female Tao kin tends to commit sins and debts easily.)


Fish Spirit  : All of you never even know how to cultivate Tao! That’s why I detested. The less merits of transference you make to us, we will not be able to receive Heaven’s blessings and mercy and the more I think of skinning you all off. I will find ways to make you feel uncomfortable in your body and I will find ways for you to dislike coming to the Temple. Slowly towards the end, you will lose your faith and interest in Tao. I will let you witness other peoples’ sins and debts just like we as fishes. That’s why I want to take revenge……………….


Lecturer Lin          : An eye for an eye. An injury for an injury and that will be endless. You ought to help us establish more merits. Once we have a heart of compassion, we will not kill animals as food consumption.


Fish Spirit  : Among all of you, who has a heart of compassion? Ask yourself in your heart. Actually, all humans are in the process of reincarnation. One does not just come in this lifetime only. If there is simply one lifetime, there would not be any karma effects at all! All of you have Buddha affinity to acquire Tao but you are not aware of treasuring it at all. That calls for me to take revenge and to collect debts from you. Do not think that you can come to this Temple to talk, laugh and eat and you need not perform any merits at all. All you think for in your mind are the sake of your own only. Do you think such a person would emit lights in his body? Not even a streak of light would be emitted but there would be all impurities aura! The best solution for all of you today is to stop attending all your lessons. You do not even know the reason behind worshipping Buddhas, then how would you know what is Tao Cultivation? You do not know what is a life of rough and bumpy road full of frustrations? That’s why when you meet with any bad encounters, you would blame Heaven and everything for failing you. In this way, you would then become my good companions already. You can be in tune with me! Because you did not think carefully, what kind of sins and debts have you incurred in your past lifetimes? Very often, you are in hesitations. When the Senior Tao kin comes, you would then come and join them. When the Senior Tao Kin is absent, you would join them to skip the Temple.


When you think that Tao is non-existent, I am most happy about it! Of all, I want you to lose all your confidence in Buddhas and Immortals. I want you to suffer from slanders from your family members. And when you are outside, I want you to throw tantrums and vent your rage and bad temperaments. All these are because I hated and I hated…………..


Fish Spirit  : When you are in this Temple, you are sitting on the Immortal’s seats. This is not an easy task in fact. We have not even tasted the delights in taking Buddha’s seats? All of you are so fortunate but you never treasure it at all. That’s why I hated! Not only do I detest you, I want you to hate others as well! You could obtain Tao so easily and that’s all to your advantages. Yet, you do not know how to treasure it and yet being so unwilling to come to this Temple. The main reason is that Karma is infringing you from progressing. That’s why you cannot express your utmost sincerity towards Tao.


Nowadays, humans are so much fortunate. You have transport by car so easily and I am so jealous of all of you, so jealous…………All of you, please stay away from me! I want all of you to be dragged down to Hell Realm. I do not want you to ascend to Heaven!


Lecturer Lin          : Does everyone of us wish to ascend to Heaven? (All answered: Yes)


Fish Spirit  : All of you says one thing and yet mean another. Let go of me, if you do not let go, I will use my fins to hit hard on you!


[Whenever the Fish Spirit speaks angrily, it would use the Oracle’s 2 hands to hit hard on the ground while its body keeps lying on the floor swimming to and fro. The Temple General Helpers stay by its side to help her out.


Fish Spirit  : Go away! Please go away! Today, I came here at the approval of your Great Enlightened Teacher. Do not hold me! My fins and wings will be painful! Do you think you are feeling good being a Tao Cultivator? The more you cultivate on, the more hatred I will have in you! Do not stand near me, please stand a bit further from me! You often think you have lots of experience in propagating Tao. In actual fact, you have no experience at all!


You simply look at the good side and not the bad view. Some of you propagate Tao in a lax manner, without even a heart of repentance! For those who stay near the sea-side, you ought to be extra careful. Not only to those who stay near the sea, for those who stay at home, it is just the same. Do you all know who am I? (Everyone answered: No!) Have you heard of Emperor San Zhou Wang? (Yes!) Who is Emperor San Zhou Wang’s favorite concubine? (The Seductive Woman called Da Ji) It’s good to know you know who I am! That’s why I am not scared of all of you! This is because I had destroyed my kingdom before. That’s why I am angered! I am jealous! I do not want everyone to do good deeds. Among some of you, you had ever been reincarnated in my lifetimes before. That’s why you hated me and I also hated all of you…………….


[Concubine Da Ji destroyed Emperor San Zhou Wang is a famous history which we had heard about. According to the records of ‘Feng Shen Bang’, since the beginning of Xia dynasty, China entered its civilization as a slavery society and the Emperor is the highest in ranks for the ruling of the country. All the government officials had to submit their orders to the Emperor. Since the Xia dynasty was passed down to the tyrant hands had been around four hundred years. The period of Xia dynasty till the tyrant hands of Jie had been a brutal torture for the nation and the people had been raising their grievances throughout.


Thus, a famous Marshal Chen Tang used the armies to destroy the tyrant Jie. Sooner, the country name had been changed as Shang dynasty. Since the Shang dynasty under the hands of Marshal Chen Tang was again passed on to Emperor Zhou Wang. This dynasty lasted for about six hundred years and in the years, the country remained prosperous and in harmony. From all corners of the North, South, East and West came all the governmental State officials who led about 800 states officials to pay their respect to Emperor Zhou Wang.


Emperor Zhou Wang was a ruler of an unreasonable man, was much given to cruelty and debauchery. He used brutal force to rule the country. Not only had he killed many lives, he was also a lustful man who sought after vices and lewdness. It was two of his personal assistants, Mayor Fei Zhong and Mayor You Wen who took charge and controlled the laws and governmental issues.


These 2 personal assistants made use of their authority and tyrannically abuse their power and it was a well-known fact in the hearts of the different States officials. Every time, before these State Officials met the Emperor Zhou Wang, they would use lots of gold and money to bribe these 2 Personal Assistants of Mayor Fei Zhong and Mayor You Wen in a favor that they would pass on good remarks and good words in front of the Emperor Zhou Wang.


Among the State Officials, there is a State called Yi, with a Duke Su Hu who was a straight-forward person. He hated Ah Yi for his flattery words and for fawning on the 2 personal assistants. He also hated carrying favors on them. That’s why he never delivered gifts to them. Thus the 2 Personal Assistants harbored hatred in him and they purposely took the chance to praise the beauty of Duke Su Hu’s daughter in front of Emperor Zhou Wang. It was said by them that the matchless beauty of his daughter far surpassed that of Ancient Beauty. This had really made the Emperor took a delight in her and became immensely pleased with her.


Thus, Emperor Zhou Wang quickly summoned to see Duke Su Hu and ordered him to send her beautiful daughter over to the Palace. Duke Su Hu disapproved and pondered in his heart: [This monarch ruler is extremely wicked and the officials in feudal times are really strong like a steel iron. They do not follow the constant virtues but topple with falsehood.  In the state of Yi Zhou, Duke Su Hu vowed not to stay close with Shang dynasty and not to associate with them.


Emperor Zhou Wang was extremely angered and ordered North State Official Bei Buo Hou to fight against Duke Su Hu. Both parties ended with injuries. East State Official Xi Buo Hou Ambassador urged Duke Su Hu to send his daughter to Emperor Zhou Wang Palace so as to prevent his family members and the people of State Yi Zhou to suffer from any miseries and disasters.


Duke Su Hu had no other choice but personally led 3000 armies and 500 Officials to protect the safety of his daughter to reach a State known as Zao Ge. Halfway along the journey, they passed by a place known as En Zhou Ji. They quickly summoned En Zhou Ji Chen to pack up the houses there so that their men and horses can have a night rest there.


But Ji Chen showed a negative response and said: [In this place, En Zhou Ji had appeared an evil spirit 3 years ago. Those who passed by this place dared not stopped over for a break because of this reason.] Duke Su Hu reacted with disbelief and said: Now, I am sending an important guest who is the Supreme ruler’s benefactor. Do you think we are afraid of this evil spirit?] Ji Chen dared not oppose him. Thereafter, Duke Su Hu sent her daughter to settle down inside the house safely. He also sent about 50 servants to serve at the sides of his daughter. About 3000 men and horses and 500 State Officials surrounded at the gates outside the city to protect them.


At around midnight 2.00 A.M, a strange and eerie wind blew over and Duke Su Hu felt instantly alarmed and horrified. He could feel cold shivers down his spine and suddenly, a lady servant at his back, running in panic, shouted loudly: [An evil spirit has arrived!]


Duke Su Hu hurriedly went over to his daughter Da Ji’s bedside and said: [Daughter, just now an evil spirit had just sent his evil forces here, have you seen it?] His daughter Da Ji replied and said: [In my dreams, I heard one of the servants said the evil spirits had arrived and when I opened my eyes, I saw that the room lights were on already. Never did I expect that my Father is already at my bed-side. I had never seen any evil spirits here in my room!]

After hearing from his daughter, Duke Su Hu was instantly relieved. But to his disbelief and unpredicted circumstances, the person who had just spoken to him was in fact not his daughter, Da Ji. Instead, it was a thousand years old evil spirit, [a fox spirit]. This was because Da Ji’s soul had been snatched away by the fox spirit. By tomorrow, Duke Su Hu would send her possessed (she was said to be possessed by a malevolent fox spirit.) daughter back to State Zao Ge.

The next day, Emperor Zhou Wang stared closely at her. He was feeling timid and gentle and his body was feeling comfortable and extremely delighted. Da Ji acted like a spoiled child and said: [I am the Lady Convict Da Ji  (妲己) and I hereby kneel down to pay my deep respects to you, to honor the Emperor………….] With this response, Emperor Zhou Wang was scared out of his wits with his bones cracked and his body softened.


Duke Su Hu was released from his punishments at the order of this Emperor. He was even promoted and handsomely rewarded by the Emperor.


Ever since Emperor Zhou Wang accepted Da Ji as his concubine, he spent his days mesmerizing in the love of Concubine Da Ji and indulged in lewdness. He was given over to drinking, women and a lack of morals, preferring these to the proper governance of the country and ignored almost all affairs of state. He could not care much about the governmental affairs of Zhao Zheng. There was a Senior Elder State Official Du Yuan Xian who claimed merits in all his previous 3 lives had a book of records for complaints. He pinpointed at the faults of Emperor Zhou Wang who indulged in lust and sensual pleasures. He was not concerned about the State affairs at all and reports and cases were all thrown away like dust. The book of records was all covered by fungus. The State of Zhao Zheng became confused and many officials were deeply disappointed……………  


Emperor Zhou Wang agreed with Du Yuan Xian after reading his book of complaints. However, Concubine Da Ji responded negatively and said: [Du Yuan Xian seized on this incident to exaggerate on governmental matters. He was obviously forming a clique to pursue his own selfish interests and to spread unfounded rumors. It had thus created anxiety and commotion among the general public. In order to deal with such kind of a person, we must not be softened!]


After hearing, Emperor Zhou Wang nodded his head and agreed with his concubine as he was deeply enchanted by her beauty! The Emperor thus summoned a verdict for Du Yuan Xian to be beheaded and let the public witnessed such an event.


A Senior ranking official named Mei Bo was angered upon hearing this bad news and he further admonished the Emperor to appease and mitigate this matter. Emperor Zhou Wang was angry after hearing his opinions and summoned the Guards at the sides of the Palace to behead him as well.

Concubine Da Ji was laughing secretly at one corner and she pondered in her heart: [We need to create a handcuff to arrest him so that others may not follow suit. Thus Concubine Da Ji thought of a very brutal way by using a hot pillar (an ancient instrument of torture.) to clip his hands in order to punish him.

In order to please Da Ji, Emperor Zhou Wang created the "Cannon Burning Punishment" (炮烙之刑). One large bronze cylinder covered with oil was placed on top of a pile of burning charcoal. Prisoners were made to walk on top of the slowly heating cylinder. As the cylinder became hot, the prisoners are forced to shift their feet to avoid the burning. In turn, the oil made it difficult for the prisoners to maintain their stance. If they fell into the charcoal, they would burn to death. The prisoners are thus forced to dance in agony and fear, screaming in prolonged pain, while Emperor Zhou and Concubine Da Ji laughed at the tortured dances. Eventually, the prisoners would fall into the charcoal and burn to death.

This hot pillar was measured at 2 metres in height and eight feet in width. High and medium fire was used and it was made of stainless steel to form a heated hot pillar. Inside the hot pillar, charcoal was used to burn the steel. Those who were punished had to take off their clothes and chains were used to lock them up. They were tied to the hot pillar to burn them in scorching heat with their legs and hands all chained up. Within a second, this person who was locked up would be burned up into ashes!


How pitiful it was for State Official Mei Bo who shouted at his agony and died instantly. In the Zhao Palace, all the State Officials were horrified at this news and everyone took to their heels and dared not speak out.


In the Imperial Palace, the Emperor’s wife, Jiang Empress knew that Emperor Zhou Wang had come under the influence of his wicked concubine evil words who used brutal means and ways to kill the lives of the innocent. Thus, she quickly came forward to admonish him. Upon hearing, Emperor Zhou Wang became troubled and angered. Concubine Da Ji decreed his personal assistant, Fei Zhong to come out with an evil plot. That was to kill the Emperor Zhou Wang. She would then push all the blame to the Empress. The Empress shouted out loudly for being accused innocently. Concubine Da Ji further instigated the Emperor and induced him by saying: [If the Empress did not admit her wrongs, we would dig out one of her eyes.]


The Empress insisted at her innocence about the assassination and for being the scapegoat. Under the inducement of Concubine Da Ji, Emperor Zhou Wang decreed for the Empress to be punished inside the hot pillar with both her hands to be burned up by the fire. She was burned till her bones cracked and her skins were peeled off. The Empress continued to deny at the plot which she did not plan at all.


Two of the Empress Sons, Prince Yin Kuo and Prince Yin Hong heard of the bad news that their mother had been innocently punished. They hurriedly went to see her. However, the Empress was already seriously injured in bloodshed. Her 2 hands were extremely skinny and she was soon dying. Upon seeing her 2 sons, she shouted loudly: [My Sons, you must help your mother clear my name and seek after my enemies!] She shouted at her last breath and she died instantly! The two Princes were deeply remorseful and sorrows. They took out their swords to take revenge on the Concubine Da Ji. The Emperor became extremely angry upon hearing this news and decreed the Comrades at arms in the Palace to execute and behead these two disobedient children of his………………….


One day, Emperor Zhou Wang was dining and enjoying the singing at the Palace Pavilion. Concubine Da Ji was there to host festive orgies, dancing and singing to please his Highness. All the Maidens and Servants clapped their hands to support the excellent performance of Concubine Da Ji. However, there were about 70 State Officials and Staff present at that time remained silent. Deep in their eyes were tears and blood.


Concubine Da Ji saw their state and immediately stopped all the dancing and singing performances. She discovered that these 70 State Officials and Staff were the people of the Empress Jiang. She relayed the message to Emperor Zhou Wang that these 70 people were displeasured with Emperor Zhou Wang and in the near future, they were bound to create disasters and disharmony in the Court Palace.


Emperor Zhou Wang was very angry at them and ordered to kill these 70 State Officials and Staff. However Concubine Da Ji replied with a plan to him: [No need to kill them. We can dig a big hole in this Palace Pavilion, Zhe Xing Lou and decreed for all the State households to contribute 4 snakes each to be released at this hole. Then, we could summon these State Officials and Staff to take off their clothes and threw them into this big hole to be fed by the snakes. This is what she called [A Poisonous Snakes Basin.]


Emperor Zhou Wang approved the plan as suggested by his Concubine Da Ji and ordered the whole state civilians to release their snakes at home to the Palace Court. How pitiful it was for the 70 innocent State Officials and Staff who were all pushed down into the hole called [A Poisonous Snakes Basin]. Emperor Zhou Wang saw the bad state of these 70 State Officials who were being curled up by the snakes and eaten by them. They were all suffering in acute pains and torture. Upon seeing this, Emperor Zhou Wang was too highly aroused after watching such victims, happily tapped at his Concubine Da Ji’s shoulder and he said: [This is too ingenious!]


Not long later, Emperor Zhou Wang heeded his concubine Da Ji’s advice again. At the left side of the poisonous snakes’ basin, we would dig a pond and on the right side, we would dig another hole. In the middle of the pond, we would then form a small mountain. In this small mountain, we would stick many branches to it. This small island was constructed in the middle of the pool, where trees were planted, which had branches made of roasted meat skewers hanging over the pool. This allowed Zhou and his friends and concubines to drift on canoes in the pool. We would then cut up the corpse into thin slices and then display them onto the branches. We would then name it as the [Meat Forest].


While on the right side would be another big hole, a large pool, big enough for several canoes, was constructed on the Palace grounds, with inner linings of polished oval shaped stones from the sea shores. This allowed for the entire pool to be filled with alcohol; wines were being poured into it and we named it as the [Alcohol Pond]. After they were sick with this brutal game, both the Emperor and his Concubine would summon the Servants and their Assistants to fight against each other to please them. Whoever wins in the game would be granted wine from the [Alcohol Pond] for the person to reach down into the pool with their hands and drank the wine. As for the loser, we would use a golden handle to kill the loser and be thrown into the [Alcohol Pond and Meat Forest].


In actual fact, Concubine Da Ji’s real intention is to come out in the middle of the night as a possessed malevolent fox spirit to the Poisonous Basin to drink up the blood of the Maiden Servants who had been killed.


Concubine Da Ji also instigated the Emperor Zhou Wang to build a [Deer Stage]. The deer stage was measured at 21 metres in height. – [The wax was made of a balustrade railings and it was supported by heavy pearls.] It looked really glamorous and beautiful! Thousands of civilians were summoned to work day and night with lots of overtimes to complete this project for nearly 2 years and 4 months.  In order to fund Emperor Zhou's heavy expenses each day, extremely heavy taxes were implemented. The civilians suffered greatly and lost all hope for the Shang Dynasty. They were all filled with deep grievances and sorrows. A Duke, Bi Gan hated the Concubine Da Ji and similarly remonstrated with the Emperor. He further rebuked her: [It is you who blind-folded the Highness and caused all failures in our Zhao affairs and Governance.]


Concubine Da Ji could not bear such humiliations of whom Bi Gan dared to criticize her and thus she suffered from severe headaches that night. Emperor Zhou Wang was painful in his heart upon seeing the bad state of his concubine. He ordered all the doctors to diagnose on her but could not come out with a remedy. Suddenly Concubine Da Ji shut her eyes half opened and murmured silently: [I wish to eat a slice of an ingenious heart.] No one knew what was exactly an ingenious heart?


Concubine Da Ji replied: [This ingenious heart is the heart of Duke Bi Gan.] Emperor Zhou Wang summoned an order without much consideration: [I ordered Bi Gan to dig out his heart and to serve me.] Later, Emperor Zhou Wang also summoned Duke Chen Chang (who is Wen Wang’s son) to chop up his meat and serve as a meat floss for Wen Wang to partake. Wen Wang had a strong premonition that it was his son’s flesh which had been served to him. In order to take charge of the whole situations, he bore with all miseries and sorrows and took 3 slices of his son’s meat.


In a year during the Winter time, Emperor Zhou Wang and Concubine Da Ji were seeking after pleasures in the Deer Stage, happily dining and drinking wine. They were admiring the snow flakes and outside the city gate, there was a river lake. There was an old man who crossed the river at that time without any shoes on. He walked very fast and swift and they could sense he was not afraid of coldness. At the back of this old man came another young man who also crossed the river without any shoes on. However, this young man walked very slowly and seemingly, he was very much afraid of coldness.


Emperor Zhou Wang felt strange and his concubine Da Ji said: [This old man’s parents who gave birth to him were at a young age and the parents blood was full of vitality. That’s why this old man’s blood is full of marrow. Whereas for the young lad, his parents were old when they gave birth to him, hence, he had lost most of his vitality in his blood. That’s why, this young lad’s marrows were mostly empty and his blood was insufficient inside his body. This explained why the old man was not afraid of cold while the young lad was much afraid of coldness.]


Emperor Zhou Wang would not believe in her words. Thus Concubine Da Ji suggested catching these 2 men into the Palace and opened up their bones marrows on the spot to testify on the truth. Concubine Da Ji words’ were indeed fulfilled.


Concubine Da Ji took the opportunity to boast again, claiming that she was able to see if the pregnant lady was going to give birth to a young boy or girl and which side of the baby’s face she or he was facing. Emperor Zhou Wang would not believe in her either and thus summoned the guards to snatch 3 pregnant ladies over to the Palace to cut up their stomach to testify on the words of Concubine Da Ji……………


After all these encounters, it was like the corner of an iceberg which was transient in its nature. The evil fox spirit, Da Ji’s heinous sins were indeed indescribable. Countless of State Officials and civilians had died under her hands through her evil speech. We can witnessed how cruel and wicked her hearts were. However, one can never escape the eyes of Heaven above, never will Heaven let go of such evil deeds. The retribution effects are indeed true. She was inordinately rapacious just like a high flying bird. At the same time, she also thought and planned carefully like a deep sea fish. This is clearly a lesson learnt from the history which had leaped up before our very eyes. We must firmly keep in our mind.


Fish Spirit  : Do all of you hate me? (All answered: No!) But, I hated all of you!


Baptist Wang : Alright! We shall not create anymore hatred and enmities among ourselves! We hope you will perform even better!


Fish Spirit : You had the cheeks to ask me to do even better. Why don’t you ask them to do better as a human now?


Baptist Wang        : All the Class participants here, all of us shall cultivate and do even better in the future, we will not eat any more fishes then! ( All answered: Good!)


Fish Spirit : I want all of you to alienate and distance from the Tao Temple. And slowly, to forget about the Three Treasures and to cause the Immortals and Buddhas to disconnect from you so that they will not be able to assist you. So, as I say, you better watch out. I am a very wicked person as a very famous historian. Till today, I am now a very big fish in the deep sea as a King Sea Fish. Baptist Wang, I had earlier on relayed a dream to you. In your dream, a very big fish had jumped out of the sea, is there such a phenomenon in your dreams?


Baptist Wang        : Yes, I had indeed dreamed of such a scene.


Fish Spirit  : This is my way of asking for permission from you for my manifestations here.


Baptist Wang        : In this case, I shall talk about what happened in my dreams…………


Fish Spirit  : Please do not stand next to me. Your Buddha Lights are shining on me and I felt so intensely hurt by you. Please do not stand here. Your Buddha Lights are too bright and I felt so uncomfortable. Please go over to that corner……………


Baptist Wang        : In the month 14th September, I was in Da San Jiao of Huang Temple Owner’s house resting. I woke up very late in the morning because I had a very strange dream that night:  I dreamed that I was conducting a Tao Dharma Session packed with lots of people. However, outside the house, there was also a bunch of people who was unable to enter the house due to insufficient space.


[Da En Tang Temple has got very limited space. On that day, around 50 Tao participants filled almost the whole Temple. Outside the temple, there were other Tao Service Volunteers who were unable to get in. It coincided exactly with what Baptist Wang had dreamed.]


Later, he saw a big basket filled with many fishes. One of a very big fish jumped out of the basket. He hurriedly searched for that big fish?


However, he still could not find that fish. Lastly, they found the fish lying at a corner not far away. It was a surprise that we could not find it at all. The fish was breathless with its mouth opened and shut continually. This is what Baptist Wang had dreamed earlier on and he had also shared with some Tao friends before. After hearing, they all felt that it was such a strange dream.


Fish Spirit  : All of you are in fact my enemies!


Baptist Wang        : Alright, we shall not call one another enemies. In the past, all of us are not aware of it and starting today onwards, all of us will not eat fish anymore.


Fish Spirit  : Really not eating? That is absolutely a lie!


Baptist Wang        : If all of us continue to eat fish, we will end up just like you………….


Fish Spirit  : If you are not concerned at all, it will be such a waste for you to acquire Tao! As for those who are vegetarians, I may not be able to claim my debts from you now. But, one of these days, if you slacken and lost your faith in Tao, you will know that I will get it back from you! Some of you breaks the vegetarian vow and yet do not know the seriousness and consequences. In the future when the time comes, you will know it!


As all of you have not really understood the Eternal Truth, not being rational enough, thus, you do not know the preciousness of Tao at all. In these past few years, though you may have acquired Tao, I have been constantly keeping watch at you to see if I can send a demon into your hearts! I do not want you to become a Buddha and I want you to suffer from the endless reincarnation cycles. I want you to taste this kind of sufferings.


Anyway, I could not be emancipated from the reincarnation cycles life after life because I had committed many serious sins and offences before…………..


Do not think that the fleshes of fishes are meant for you to eat. You all do not have any compassion at all. It is to all your advantages! As a human now, you are able to perform good deeds in the Temple and I want you to repay back your sins with your good deeds. If you never repay your debts to me, I will torture her to death. (referring to the Oracle and the Tao Service Volunteers all helped to prevent its abuse.)


All of you, do not get hold of me. If your shoulder was cut up by someone, how would you react? All of you as Tao Cultivators do not even have a heart of compassion at all. I also suffered from miseries to come into this world and I came to your Temple, yet you kept holding me tightly. Repay me all your sins and debts…………I do not want you to stay in touch with the Temple……………..


Baptist Wang        : Everyone of you, do you still wish to keep in touch with the Temple? (All answered: Yes, we want!) We also need to propagate Tao, perform good deeds and establish merits in order to make merit transferences to all the fishes.


Fish Spirit  : I do not believe in all of you. For life after life, I have never believed in anyone at all. For every word you promise, I must consider and ponder for a long time. This is similar to you who treated this Great Tao superficially. All of you simply lack candour in your testimony. That’s why when you are asked to attend the Tao Dharma Sessions here, you have been pondering quite a while without any faith in anyone. It is no wonder that all of you are just like me!


I want to torture all of you and it includes torturing the hearts of all the Baptists here. Ultimately the Baptists would have lost all their faith in you. It is like all of you who are insincere and without faith in Tao. I am most happy about this.


After you acquired Tao, you are able to accumulate merits and establish virtues but none of you has fulfilled it. This time, I had taken much time to negotiate with your Great Enlightened Teacher before I arrived. It is all your faults for being not compassionate at all and it is not us Fishes who are not compassionate at all!


Lecturer Lin          : In your olden days, you also behaved without a heart of mercy and compassion. And that explains why you had been reincarnated as a fish today!


Fish Spirit  : Aren’t all of you just the same like me! By killing fishes, you would not have a heart of compassion at all? You all should reflect back on your own doings. In the past, I may have gone against the Law of Heaven and that’s why I am in such a bad state now.


I have not only reincarnated as a fish only. I had also been reincarnated as a chicken for almost a few hundred times for you to eat up my meat. I also had been reincarnated for 300 times as a pig before. My pork meat had been cut up and processed as meat floss for humans to partake and eat as well…………That’s why I hated all of you forever!


Which one of you dared to say that he or she had never eaten any chicken or pork? Which one of you dared to say so? That’s why all of you must repay me back my life! I forbid all of you to come to this Temple to avoid from any calamities and disasters. You must remember to return me my debts. If you never do so, you better watch out! Have you hear this clearly? If you are not at all polite, courteous and modest, I will summon my guards here! I will catch you because I am the famous Concubine Da Ji!


Lecturer Lin          : Ai, oh gosh! You have already transgressed to such a bad state and yet you still wish to command your order like your olden days!


Fish Spirit  : I am happy to do it this way! I love great wealth, glory and high position! All of you wish to ascend to Heaven. Your Great Enlightened Teacher, Buddha Jigong is too selfish and he doted too much on all of you. You have eaten meat like fishes and chicken and yet it is to your advantage that you can acquire Tao so easily. You all do not even have a heart of gratitude. That’s why I hated all of you simply because it’s too unfair already!


Baptist Wang        : All of them had agreed to perform even better.


Fish Spirit  : If you do not do so, I will definitely torture all of you. I want to torture the Oracle so that she will get a painful death…………..


Baptist Zhang      : You cannot do it!


Fish Spirit  : I want to torture the Oracle. Do not think that you are now watching a show only!


Baptist Zhang      : We will not think in this way. We will make sure we do even better in our Tao cultivation.


Fish Spirit  : What you have said are all lies, only entertaining me only!


Baptist Wang        : Each one of us will indicate Tao to a person and this merit will be transferred to all the fishes and yourself as Heaven’s blessings and mercy.


Fish Spirit  : This is not enough! Each one of you shall indicate Tao to ten people. If this possible, I also want all of you to return back to the temple regularly to study the Eternal Truth. Moreover, you also need to publish Holy Books as merit transference for us. If you think of having even better days, you must often come back to the Buddha Altar here to pray. All of you must listen clearly to what I say, you must bear in your mind firmly! Or else, I will summon my guards here to execute on you! Why don’t you dare to give me a reply?


Lecturer Lin          : This notorious authority as commanded by you is already something in history. You ought to emerge a heart of compassion within your inner self, then in this way, you will have a bright path ahead of you. Buddha of Hell, Di Zang Buddha will also be compassionate enough to prevent you from reincarnating too much.


Fish Spirit  : I hated, I hated…………..In this world, there are so many fishes and prawns who had asked me to represent them on behalf of them. You should seek after your own conscience. You often think that it’s all over once you are dead simply because no one can witness anything. However, today you can use my real example to serve as a warnings and reflections for all of you. Take a look at this! Don’t you feel that in these past few years, those who sincerely wish to tread along this Tao path are not able to smoothly propagate Tao to anyone. If you also think that This Great Tao is not bad actually but you are not able to lift up your heart to become even more earnest in your cultivation. Do you all know what are the reasons behind? This is because we are playing a trick on all of you and it was in fact your past creditors who were distracting all of you. Now, have you understood what I have said to you? (Understood!) If you do not raise your heart of sincerity towards Tao, you better watch out! To what I have just said, have you boar them in mind? All the guards, send them out to execute them!


Lecturer Lin          : But there are no guards under your command here at all!


Fish Spirit  : Guards, please send them out! Why didn’t anyone hears me?


Lecturer Lin          : Put down your so called orders now!


Fish Spirit  : All of you have not agreed with what I have said, how can I report my mission when I am back!


Baptist Wang        : Yes, we all have agreed with your conditions! We shall each indicate Tao to ten people as merit transference for you and the fishes.


Fish Spirit  : But I have not heard your responses! Is it warranted at all?


Lecturer Lin          : All of you answered together [Each one of us shall propagate Tao to ten people and used it as a merit transference for you and the fishes.] We also hope that you would bless all of us as Tao cultivators. In Malaysia, we hope that all the Tao affairs could be even better and flourishing. This could be counted as one of your merits too!


Fish Spirit  : If anyone of you does not raise your heart of sincerity towards Tao, I will naturally torture all of you. If you can lift up your heart, I will naturally aid all of you.


Lecturer Lin          : As long as we raise our heart of sincerity, even the grass and trees would be touched by us and aid us in our Tao propagation, what’s more to say about the fishes’ spirits?


Fish Spirit  : There is some more! I want you to publish 3000 Holy Books because now is the final stage of Tao propagation. All of you love to eat Sea creatures, as a homemaker yourself, you ought to be more benevolent to release us. If you are not scared at all, you will land in the same position as me. Do you all believe in what I say to you? ( All answered: Yes)


If you do not know how to treasure your lots and endowments, you had better watch out. I want all of you to die and to die under my hands. Have you heard it clearly? (Yes!) Those who had read my histories before would know that I am a very wicked and despicable person! Now, I am just as brutal as before. And when I arrive, all of you aren’t sitting at the Buddha’s seats. I am too delighted. I am too happy. I want to forbid you assimilating the Buddha’s Lights in this Temple………………


Baptist Wang        : You see, next time when I ask you back to the Temple, do not procrastinate and be lazy. You all must hurry your pace and assimilate the Buddha Lights in this Temple. This is itself not a simple matter!


Fish Spirit  : If all of you do not treasure your affinity with Tao, I will summon my guards to catch hold of you!


Lecturer Lin          : The fish is giving an order to its guards as she is representing all the fishes. That is to say, she will ask all the fish spirits to catch us.


Fish Spirit  : Haven’t you heard of this before? [On earth, if you commit evil deeds and when you die, you will become an evil ghost.] If you defy my orders, I will torture you till you are crushed by me. If you have read my history before, you would have known my evil deeds!


Lecturer Lin        : In this Class, is there anyone as wicked as her? ( All answered: No.)


Fish Spirit  : You must have not been as cruel as me, that’s why you are able to acquire Tao. But when you kill the fishes and chickens, you too do not have compassion at all! You do have a soul in you and we, as fishes also have souls in us!


Lecturer Lin          : Sentient beings physical forms may not different but all of our spiritual souls are the same. My flesh is just the same as any sentient beings’ flesh.


Fish Spirit  : A Tao cultivator ought to be extra careful in this. Because you too have committed lots of killings before, that is why if you never cultivate Tao, never visit the Temple, you had better watch out. Quick, brighten up your eyes clearer and make your heart more compassionate. This is because you had eaten beyond the limits. Today, I landed myself in such a bad state is all due to my own wrong doings. You all should not suffer from one’s misdeeds as well! Today, I have spoken many good words. If I have not said such good words, your Teacher, Buddha Jigong would not permit me to come here!


Life after life, enmities can hardly be dissolved. It is only through accumulating merits and establishing virtues, then you can break through this enmities. It is up to you to follow my instructions. If you follow what I say, you have to indicate Tao to people. Have you listened clearly? (All answered: Yes!) The more confused you are sitting in this Buddha Seats, the more happy I will become………………..


Lecturer Lin          : When we are inside the Temple, if we move about while attending lessons, or if we did not sit properly, our Immortal disciplinary master will record our demerits points in the Book of Records accordingly. When we come to the Temple, we commit demerits instead of merits points, our deceased past creditors will be most happy about this.


Fish Spirit  : You should not disqualify my words! I want a cup of tea. I want to drink tea. There is no water here, I want a cup of tea………………..


(The fish spirit was breathless, keeping panting heavily and it seems like it is soon dying. It keeps asking for a cup of tea.)


Baptist Wang        : Alright, Tao service volunteers will bring a cup of offered tea over.


Fish Spirit  : I want to drink a cup of tea that has been offered to Heaven. (The fish sounded like begging and asking for help and its sound soon become lighter and weaker) Please save me, save me. I am dying of thirst………………..


(The Tao service volunteers used a spoon to feed the fish two spoonful of tea just like a fish drinking water with bubbles appearing…………..)


I am thankful to the Buddhas and Immortals for their compassion! You all must remember my words clearly! You have harmed me enough not to have Holy water to drink. I am angry. I am extremely angry! (After drinking the cup of Holy Tea, the fish seemingly recovered its vitality again and its sound is again full of anger and hatred.


All of you have so much Holy Water to drink whereas for me, I do not have any holy water to drink. I ask for Holy Tea from you and yet you do it so slowly……………..


Lecturer Lin          : From this, we can clearly understand that the offered tea to the Buddhas in this Temple is indeed Immortal Water, also known as Holy Water. Most of us do not know how to treasure this cup of holy water. When the non image deceased creditors manifested in this Temple, they would request to drink this Holy Water so that they will feel more comfortable.


Fish Spirit  : I eat your waste and I drink your earthly dirty water. And when you grow up, you will eat up our meat, in fact what we are eating are the same!


Lecturer Lin          : Humans used worms to feed the fishes and later catch it to fill their stomach. After all, this method of doing is much complicated only! That is why we, as Tao cultivators ought to be vegetarians. This is the best solution for us. Or else, it would be the same as drinking dirty water……………….


Fish Spirit  : Have you listen to my words carefully? ( All answered: Yes) You must keep that in your mind firmly! You have caused me not to have any holy water to drink. You all have the blessings and protections from Buddhas and Immortals and yet you can acquire Tao so easily. You can come to this Temple so easily and you are also allowed to drink the Holy Water. This is indeed Immortal Water! When I just have a drip of this water, I felt instantly so comfortable as if it’s been a thousand years………………


Lecturer Lin          : Take a look at her. She had not drunk this Immortal Water for a few thousand years already.


Fish Spirit  : All of You must remember clearly. I am the famous historian, Da Ji. I am the Emperor Zhou Wang’s concubine, a very wealthy lady. I also like my character. Do you all like my character? (All answered: No!)


I detested all of you. You all do not like me at all. (One moment, she sounded like a virtuous lady with a gentle voice and the next moment, she sounded like an enraged lady with voices of discontent and angry tone in her. She displayed all her changing moods to us………………)


All the guards, please shove them out! (At this moment, some Tao participants were laughing) Where are all my guards?


Lecturer Lin          : Over here, there are no such guards around. In this place, we have all the Immortals and Buddhas protecting the Temple. How could they obey your instructions, aren’t you being very compelling?


Fish Spirit  : You must fulfill all the conditions I have said, do not ever lie to me! If you lie to me, you better watch out. The power from the spiritual realm is indeed very overwhelming. As for those female, you ought to even put in efforts to cultivate Tao. I am a famous rich and wealthy concubine. You all ought to learn from me!


Baptist Wang        : Do not learn from her. If you learn from her, your fate will be just like her, full of miseries.


Fish Spirit  : Just because I am suffering in misery, that’s why I manifested here to tell you. I hated all of you for not cultivating and propagating Tao, have you heard me clearly? ( All answered: Yes) I am the Beloved Concubine Da Ji. ( At this time, some Tao participants were laughing secretly!) I am not afraid of you laughing at me. You can all laugh to your heart’s content. Those who had listened carefully to me will be the loyal magistrate and to those who disobeyed me will be the tyrant!


Baptist Wang        : Yes, all of us have listened carefully to what you said. We will do even better!


Fish Spirit  : This is what you all had promised me, alright!


Baptist Wang        : Yes, this is what I said.


Fish Spirit  : Please do not stand close to me. Your Buddha Lights are too strong for me to take it……………..


Baptist Wang        : No, oh gosh!


Fish Spirit  : All of you must cultivate Tao well so that your Buddha Lights will be strong and powerful. Even the animals and demons will not dare to stay near you. Since we all have agreed with the conditions, you must not lie to us, all the fishes……………


Baptist Wang        : Everyone of us must quickly indicate Tao to newcomers when we graduate from this Class. Each one of us has the responsibility to indicate Tao to ten people. Please remember clearly!


Fish Spirit  : All of you must not treat it lightly! Those who heard that I have come to this Temple, I am most happy if you dared not visit the Temple anymore! It was your Great Teacher, Buddha Jigong who approved for me to come here, or else, I would have stay close to your family members’ side. I want you to be full of ups and downs and to let you get scolded! Do you get this type of feelings? (Yes!) If yes, you must be more alert in future! You all must understand that the Buddha Lights in this Temple are indeed very strong and powerful and I am unable to withstand it. Luckily, I had drunk a dip of this Holy Water. Or else, I would not be able to survive.


If you cultivate Tao well, it would be possible to severe all ties with us who are your enemies. If you can perform even better, we can become good friends forever. Is your Baptist too afraid of me?  


Lecturer Lin          : All Buddhas and Immortals respect deeply on those with great virtues and merits and how could our Baptist here be afraid of you?


Fish Spirit  : If you are not afraid, why didn’t you speak out?


Baptist Wang        : Yes, I do! I have relayed all your messages to all the Tao participants here! Have all of us understood clearly? (All answered: Yes, we know!)


Fish Spirit  : We have all agreed with the conditions, so there are no regrets at all? (All answered: No) Even if you regret, it is ok with me as I am not afraid of you at all! The power from the spiritual realm is overwhelming and great. I am the Great Famous historian Da Ji! I have hundreds of guards at my beck and call, but all these are just fake and illusory! (When it speaks these few words, her tone seemingly became very enraged.) You never heed my words at all, that’s why I never believe in any of your words at all. Let’s shall see if you hope to be like me or do you hope to become a Buddha…………………….


Baptist Wang        : We hope to become a Buddha, everyone of us hopes to become a Buddha……………


Fish Spirit  : If you wish that everyone can ascend to Heaven, all of you better don’t antagonize us. (All answered: Yes) I am the world most beautiful woman in my past life and I know how to say flattery words and in blandishments. I can surpass everyone of you and no one can be compared to me! For those who help to propagate Tao, I am most unhappy with them and I am very jealous……………


Baptist Wang        : Haven’t you agreed with us earlier on? Please do not say such words to us anymore!


Fish Spirit  : I am jealous of all of you. Just because you can become a Buddha and I cannot do so. I cannot be emancipated from the reincarnation life after life!


Baptist Wang        : Then, you should not have a jealousy heart. You must learn to let go of all your attachments. All of us have agreed to indicate Tao to ten people each as merit transference to you and all the fishes……………


Baptist Zhang      : Next time, with your true merits, you can reincarnate back as a human form again!


Fish Spirit  : Do you think I can reincarnate as a human so quickly? If it is so fast, that would be very good for me, then I need not make my appearance here! As a human, you should not take lightly on your own life and do not treat this Great Tao lightly. If this Great Tao is not propagated now, we as the animals, ghosts or deceased would not have such a chance to manifest here in this Temple. We would also not have a chance to look up for a better future. All of you have the precedence over us, whether you want to cultivate or not solely depends on yourself! So, as I say you all better guard your heart and watch out! I love wealth, glory and riches. I like it, love it, and I love…………………………(The Fish Spirit left the Oracle Body immediately and retreat)


As I recalled the earlier Fish Spirit manifestations, I still have a lingering fear in me. I also felt immensely sorry for her, over what the Fox spirit, Concubine Da Ji had transgressed to become as a fish today!


Her reincarnation cycles over these 3000 years had been a severe retribution for her. Till today, she is still deeply mesmerized by the glory, wealth and riches of her olden days. This could be what the common sentient beings have in them as well that is to be ignorant and benighted. Hence, we could easily have planted a bad seeds of karma in us waiting for it to be ripened!  


There is a saying by [Cai Gen Tang]: [A person who dwells and guards morality and Tao, maybe lonely at times, resulted in relying on someone with authority and power may lead a miserable and dreary life in his future life.]


Twenty minutes later, our Great Enlightened Teacher, Buddha Jigong manifested His Presence in the Temple. He not only comforted the hearts of many Tao kin who were fearful by the fish manifestations, he also delivered compassionately about the cause and effect of Lee Shi Temple Owners who are Lee Lian Lye husband and wife and their son, Lee Zu En deep affinity:


Lee Temple Owner’s both Wife and Husband have 4 daughters without any son. They are long hoping to have a son and finally, their wish was fulfilled 3 years ago. Their son was named as Lee Zu En and the whole family was indeed overjoyed that they finally received a great treasure from Heaven. Lee Zu En was an obedient child since birth and was well-liked by many people. He was doted deeply by his parents. However, one cannot predict a good fortune always and are bound to meet with good luck and misfortune inevitably.


This year, 2nd October, this beloved son of Lee met with a serious illness which robbed his life. Both husband and wife were deeply sorrowful by this sudden bad news! Moreover, their neigbours, relatives and friends spread rumors and slanders to them: [Doesn’t your house have a Temple Altar? Aren’t the Buddhas very miraculous? Isn’t the Holy Tea Offerings very miraculous? How come your Only Son’s life cannot be protected?] All these added to their aggrieved sorrows. However, seven days before giving birth to this only son, Temple Owner Lee had a strange dream of an Unusual man who relayed it to him: [This son is an extraordinary being however, he is not yours forever.]


Four days before this son passed away, this Unusual man came into Temple Owner’s Lee dreams again: [This child of yours –his time up. I am bringing him back with me. The next child of yours is your real son.]


Temple Owner Lee spoke about this dream only after their son passed away. Someone asked Temple Owner Lee why she had not spoken out earlier? Temple Owner Lee replied: I am not sure if this dream is true or fake. If I had spoken earlier on, someone may laugh at me for being superstitious!


In 16th October, Baptist Wang decided to set up a one-day Dharma Class in Da En Tang Temple. Both Temple Owner Lee Husband and Wife came to participate. They prayed sincerely for the compassion of Buddhas and Immortals and hoped that their son Lee Zu En may manifest in the temple and delivered his holy admonishments. It was not easy hoping for an admonishment from him. Moreover, he had passed away for less than a hundred days. How is it possible that he would come to meet us?


Our Great Enlightened Teacher manifested in the Class and was aware of their sincere prayers. He delivered compassionately to reveal an account of his son cause and effect:


His admonishment is as follows:


If you ask about karma, everyone has a Cause

If you ask about retribution, everyone has an Effect

If you ask about Eternal Truth, everyone has an inborn Buddha Nature

If you ask about Tao, everyone has not followed the Humanly Way, Tao and had not follow the Right Path in Tao.


He (refers to Lee Zu En) had a previous life as a Nun. In his previous life, he cultivated through tortures and hard ways and finally succeeded with his spiritual soul ascended to the sky. However, he could only make it to the Celestial World and not Wu-Ji Li Tian, Heaven. He was very despondent over this matter and turned down his peerage of a Celestine Beings. Thus, he went to Heaven at Mountain Nan Ping to beg for our Great Teacher’s mercy. He declared to Him that he wished to reincarnate to Earth again. He was unwilling to be born in an Ordinary family but chose to be born again in a Tao Cultivator’s family and this family must have a Temple at home. Lastly, he chose your family to be reborn there (refers to Temple Owner Lee) as your son.


As a saying goes: [A son who came to collect his debts.], he is the one who came to collect his debts! This was because in your two previous lives, you owed some money to others. You had not repaid your debts and even slandered them. In his previous life, he (refers to Lee Zu En) is a Cultivator as a Nun. She came to your family to beg for alms-giving but you turned her away without any alms-giving. Not only that, you had even aroused your neighbours to spread unfounded rumors saying that: [This Nun does not deserve for us to give her any alms or food offerings.] Do you know how much pain and sorrows she had in her heart at that moment? (A real alms-giving cannot hide from a true monk. However, you have never expected that this alms-giving is in fact for you to eradicate your previous life sins and debts.)


This nun had received no alms-giving in the end and left the place quietly with tears and felt instantly sorrowful. In this life, she borrowed from you your stomach to be reborn again in your family to acquire the Great Tao. She is originally a Tao Cultivator and was a vegetarian. That’s why, I, your Great Teacher had advised you painstakingly for him to take only vegetarian food. This was because our Great Teacher had admonished this to Temple Owner Lee’s family during a Tao Dharma Session at his Temple 2 years ago.


Ever since he was born (refers to Lee Zu En) till his illness relapsed, how much have you spent on him through these years? All these money are what you had owed to others in your previous life. You had felt extremely miserable over the death of your son and had also suffered from the torments of slanders and gossips. This is likened to what you had done to him in your previous life. One’s debts are to be repaid back in one’s karma. This is the Cause and Effect.


In actual fact, this Child’s destiny can be changed. It was because you had overly doted on him and worried excessively over his welfare. (Temple Owner Lee both husband and wife had missed lighting up the incense at the Family Temple Altar every morning and had instead stick closely by the side of their only son.) Since these previous life debts’ had been cleared, it is best for him to leave your family! Take a look at this. Your family Temple Altar had lighted up the incense offerings at very late hours and had forgotten that in the Sutra of Maitreya Buddha which states that: [If you wish to become a Buddha, you have to be conscious of making incense offerings diligently. Moreover, you have to keep your wisdom and intelligence in your heart and on guard and avoid from listening to the evil sayings. Remember them clearly and recite the Wordless Sutra.]


As a Tao Cultivator yourself, you also joined the outsiders in keeping birds as pets. (Lee Temple Owners had kept several birds as pets at home. Last year, Goddess of Mercy had admonished them: [You locked them up and split up their families. Have you seen the sentient beings who have been under full control of others authority and without freedom at all? (Answered: Yes) [Then you have to be more attentive!] This year, all his birds kept inside the cage are still with him. That’s why our Great Teacher manifested again and admonished him: Do you know that your nets are opened to catch the birds. And in the midst of carelessness, the birds fell into your traps and the Mother birds became excessively worried without knowing what to do just like a knife piercing through its heart.


These types of feelings are also shared by you just like in the death of your only son. This is like what you had done with your nets trapping the birds or trading in birds to split up their families. All these are your bad karma which will have a Cause and Effect and it had surfaced in your living examples. Buddha Jigong further told Madam Lee: [Are you afraid that the same thing may happen again and thus you are afraid of giving birth?] Madam Lee remained quiet without any response and seemingly, it is like telling her the answers kept in her heart by our Great Teacher. Our Great Teacher then told Temple Owner Lee: [In this present society, daughters and sons are just as good. Educate all your daughters well and when they grow up, they will be even more filial and obedient than your son! (Later, both Lee Temple Owners kowtowed to our Great Teacher for his kind and merciful admonishments.)


All disciples, do take care of your body……………….I retire and retreat into silence!


We must work hard to succeed. This is true when we are faced with our previous life creditors demanding for debts repayments. Whatever we have done to propagate Tao in all areas, whatever we have planted, put in the fertilizers, remove the weeds and grass, caring for its harvest and the final outcome is for the seeds of karma to ripen.


As we take sufferings with us, we can be well trained as a better person in life and we can succeed in all our doings. Before our Great Teacher left the Temple, he felt very reluctant and repeatedly admonished us:

[A flower which had blossomed will see its success coming its way.]