A Little Bird


During one of my hardest time in life
I had a dream
‘Buy a little bird and set it free’
The next morning I went to buy a little bird
And set it free at a temple
After a short period
I could feel my problems slowly going away
And my burden was lightened especially financially
Looking back, whenever I see a caged bird
I always pity her and say
How I wish I could set you free
I know people think you sing well
But actually you are crying in pain
Please forgive them for not realizing that
They are imprisoning you
If a hobby of rearing birds by caging them is fun
I wonder whether they can realize and visualize
If they could fly
And somebody were to cage them with golden bars
Even though the surrounding is gold
It is of no good
Just set them free and let them fly
Caging a bird is caging oneself
You are actually imprisoning yourself
You will be trapped with the difficulty of life
Setting them free is setting free yourself
If this realization could wake us up 
Certain darkness would be brightened up
And we can understand and reason out
Why during Wesak day
Thousands and thousands of birds are set free
May there be freedom to all living beings.
But what is actually setting free?
It is by not eating them!
It is more meaningful than setting them free once or twice
By not eating chicken or animal meat
You are setting them free everyday
Maybe one day someone will free you, if you let it be free
Never think that we will always be free
We are actually trapped in this world
With a body that will be sick one day, real sick with pain, like it or not
Set free the pain and fear of the pitiful animals
In return we will be free
Just like the little bird