A New Day


Each day when I wake up and look at the mirror
I see a new day, a new dawn, a new challenge
Thank God, I am still able,
To look, to think and sometimes to smile
For many people, a new day,
Can be a very frightening day,
A day of life and death
A day of big decision
A day of righteous work
A day of deceit and wrongful act
Or a day of peace and celebration
May we get to realize
What we do today affects our tomorrow
For a better tomorrow, makes it a good day
A day of change
A day of love
A day of realization
Or a day full of bliss
Look forward to every chance
To brighten up your day to have peace
So that a path can be shown to us
When the door of earth is closed
For us to walk and knock at the door
And when it is opened
It is the door of Heaven.
If you do and speak like a Buddha for one day
Then you are a Buddha for one day
If you do and speak like a Buddha for ten days
Then you are a Buddha for ten days
So to be a living Buddha
Do and speak like a Buddha everyday.  
Goddess of Mercy has three special days
On Feb 19th, June 19th and Sep 19th in the Chinese calendar
On June 19th, she received the Tao
The Tao she received thousands of years ago
And now, is the same Tao, she said
Make a day similar to this beautiful day for you
A day where it was so beautiful to her
Then on Wesak day, Sakyamuni Buddha said
He received the Tao from Buddha Dipankara from Heaven
Under a Bodhi tree by placing two fingers on the ground swearing upon Heaven
To realize the truth
Otherwise he won’t get up from his lotus position
Make it A New Day.