A Revengeful Soul
In 1998, I went to Taiwan with a group of Tao devotees to attend seminar
Upon reaching Taipei, we had to rest for the night and took an early train the next day
To Senior Master Limís temple, that was about five hours train ride
Upon reaching the train station, many Taiwanese Tao devotees were waiting
At the station to pick us up to Senior Master Limís temple
Usually the Malaysian master Tan and his wife would lead the delegation from Malaysia
On this day, while getting down from the train
Master Tanís wife, sister Chan, slipped and fell from the train
She could not walk and had to be carried to the van that was waiting for us
Considered a new devotee at that time, I just wondered why such thing could happen
She was taken to several doctors the next few days but there was no improvement
She came back to Malaysia with a swollen leg
For the next three months, upon my visit to Master Tanís temple in Kuala Lumpur
I could see sister Chan with the swollen leg
She had consulted many doctors including X-Ray, but to no avail
Her leg appeared like a piece of dead wood and swelled up like an elephantiasis leg
I just could not understand why it must happened to her; a sincere and devoted devotee
And why could it not be cured, when usually a sprain or fracture could be cured
Then one day a call came from Taiwan from the temple keeper of eighty years old
Who could see the unseen, requesting sister Chan to urgently go to Taiwan
Because a vision was given to him by the spiritual creditors, the unseen revengeful souls
Within one day the visa was done while it normally took three days
In the temple of Tao of Heaven in Taiwan
The leader of three revengeful souls manifested through a young lady and said
If sister Chan was to ignore their call, they would take her life
Then the leader explained why they had to go after her life
Heaven stopped the revenge, and they wanted her leg
But then again Heaven stopped it because she was very devoted in assisting
Maitreya Buddha in propagating Tao and had done a lot of good deeds
Her previous life with the three revengeful souls was told as follows
"Many lives ago, sister Chan was a nun
In the course of her practice, she met a family of three
She had wrongly taken all their money
The whole family could not bear the pain of losing their entrusted money
With that, all of them committed suicide at the same time
In this life, they had found her and wanted revenge"
In order to repay, sister Chan had to do 12 charitable works for the unfortunate children
Recite 3 times a day for 3 months the ĎSutra of Maitreya Buddha on Rescue of Suffering'
And hit her swollen leg with her own hand for three months for the three revengeful souls
Then for the next three months she did that and surprisingly,
Unfortunate children just appeared for her to help
Within this period her swollen leg slowly went back to normal size
An experience to ponder and it will only be believed by people who have seen it
This is not a story or fairy tale but a true encounter.