Aeroplane or Dragon
          If there is a choice to fly to a faraway land
By an aeroplane or a dragon ( If there is one )
Which one will you take?
Obviously the dragon that can fly
An aeroplane may take 20 hours and is risky
A dragon by stepping on it
Will just take a fraction of a second without danger
If we look into the Chinese deities
The deities have different modes of transport
It could be a dragon, a tiger, a lotus flower….etc
The dragon, tiger…. are also Holy Spirit
They also enjoy the peace and there is no suffering
Just like any divine being in human images
In this world, we can see
Certain dogs and cats are very lucky
Their lives are worth much more than that of the human
Their lives are much better than the blinds and the handicaps
Likewise the dragon’s life is much better than human’s life
Let’s not say the divine being in humanly form
Earn a place in Heaven
Waiting for us are peace and happiness
A dragon, tiger or a lotus may be waiting for you
In the teachings of Tao
When you receive Tao
A lotus flower is given to you
You have to develop for the lotus flower to grow
If you do not, the lotus flower will die
Choose the Dragon or lotus
Or just simply walk on clouds
And be there, anywhere.
Just like the flying Dragon, fast and swift
In the propagation of Tao, it is also fast and swift
As stated in the Bible under Matthew 24:27
"For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west,
So shall the coming of the Son of Man be."
Under the Decree of God, Tao is being propagated at lightning speed
From the East to the West, for the purpose of final salvation
In less than 60 years, one third of Taiwanese are Tao devotees
In less than 30 years, Malaysia has 800,000 devotees and thousands of temples
Millions of devotees in more than 100 countries all over the world
Choose the Dragon
It can fly anywhere, in the cosmos
Aeroplane! Just on earth and risky!
Aeroplane or Dragon?