Should a practitioner of Tao be afraid of birth and death? (89)


As long as there is birth, there must be death.  However, a practitioner

of Tao should treat death as returning home.  The day of birth for any

life is the starting point of death in the future.  Similarly, the day of death

for any life is the starting point of birth in the future.  The cycle of yin and

yang, which represents death and birth, regenerates itself eternally. 

Even Saints and Sages cannot escape this cycle.  Thus a practitioner

of Tao takes birth and death most seriously and also most lightly. 

Why?  If a practitioner of Tao is not afraid of death, why should he

practice Tao for the eternal life of his soul?  If he is indeed afraid

of death, why should he learn to take emotions, desires and the death

of the body lightly?  Besides, by practicing Tao, one eventually will

transcend the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  So, a practitioner of

Tao will not be concerned about the length of his life.