I was a pub owner from 1984 to 1987
It was one of the biggest pubs in Malaysia
Able to accommodate about 500 heads
Ground floor was a rock pub with ear-splitting music
The first floor was a lounge with soft and enticing atmosphere
Not knowing what is good and bad livelihood
I enjoyed the drink and the fun everyday
My life was upside down
I slept when the sun was about to come out
And woke up when the sun was in the middle of the sky
Always looking tired and groggy
I was not the accountant that I was supposed to be
Alcoholism and music was the day of my life
And my customers and friends were not really real
Putting a different face at night because of business
My smile wasn’t real to many of them
The disturbing moments were occasional fights
Because of alcohol that can change
A friendly customer into a fierce tiger
There was a group of regular rowdy customers
That very often refused to pay for their drinks
Seeing them when they walked in always gave me the sore
Their leader’s name was “Buddha”
One day they refused to go back after everyone left
They cornered me and wanted to bash me up
Because they said I was proud and showed them the unwelcome face
I explained with great calmness and talked sense to “Buddha”
Where his followers wanted to start action many times
It was “Buddha” who stopped them because I talked sense to him
Finally they let me go and stopped coming to create trouble
I was saved by “Buddha” otherwise I won’t be writing this article
The many fights I saw were still fresh in my mind
It was either the women or the drinks that started it
Alcoholism is an evil habit that we mustn’t indulge in
I know better than many people how it could also kill
Two of my customers died after they left my place
They met an accident because of driving without alertness
Thanks God I was able to stop and turn around
From black to white, my life had changed for the better
Alcoholism can destroy your life
Stop it before it is too late.