Alive Again


A woman by the name of ABC moved into a new house

She had a young son and a daughter

Her husband was a simple man who came from China

And all of them now lived in Taiwan

On the first day of moving in, a strange thing happened

While cleaning her glass plates, suddenly they vibrate by themselves

All of them fell onto the floor and broke

A bad omen for her and she sensed strange spiritual disturbance

One day when she was out marketing, her two children were at home

The girl then went out for a while to get herself something

The young boy suddenly saw his sister sitting near him and he called out

She disappeared out of thin air and then he hid himself in the bedroom

ABC came back and saw him trembling

She then consoled him that the “girl” was a Deity disguised as his sister

To protect them against evil in the house

ABC started to hear voices calling her

Disturbing her every night until she was hospitalized and weigh only 27 kilos

She then died in the hospital with sickness of Tuberculosis

Her husband and relatives requested the hospital for permission

To preserve her until her relatives had visited her before taking her body home

Her husband, a devotee of I Kuan Tao, remembered he had received Tao in China

Then offered the Three Heavenly Treasures prayer for her soul

On the seventh day, she suddenly opened her eyes and alive again

Everyone was puzzled and wanting to know exactly what happened

This is what she said when she was dead for seven days:

“She was traveling in a carriage escorted by Underworld guards and reached a junction

One road leads to Heaven and another to Hell

She choose the one leading to Heaven but was stopped by another guard at the junction

The guard said she cannot pass through because she did not received Tao

Out of sudden she lifted her head and was facing the Emperor of the Underworld

She was kneeling down and besides her was another woman, also kneeling down

Who then shouted at her and said ‘She is the one who killed her’

ABC protested and said that in her life she had only killed one chicken

She had never killed any human being

Proof of her life on earth was then shown on the ‘Magic Mirror’

A case of wrong identity, she was sent back by the Emperor of the Underworld

By snapping his figures, she opened her eyes

And her first word was ‘What is receiving Tao?’

Listening to her story her husband went to search for Tao in Taiwan

Her whole family was baptized with Tao

This is her testimony in the Temple of I Kuan Tao