Ancestor Worshipping
This is a story about the beginning of ancestor worshipping
Long time ago in China
There was a hot-tempered shepherd
Everyday he would direct his sheep to the field
And lazily sat under a big tree near a river
His mother would always bring him lunch
As his temper was bad and hot
He often scolded and assaulted his mother
For either being too early or late in bringing him the lunch
One fine day he saw an old crow on a tree
Watching the old crow
He saw a young crow with food
Flew to the tree
And then fed the old crow
Then watching at a mother sheep
Which had recently given birth to a few lambs
He saw the baby lambs kneeling down
Sucking their motherís milk
Slowing his mind came to his mother and he remembered
How she had fed him and taken care of him
When he was young, his tears started to roll down
At that moment his mother was seen coming
He rushed to her, wanting to ask for her forgiveness
His frightened mother thought that
Her son was going to beat her again
She ran while he chased after her shouting and calling
But his mother couldnít understand the shouting
When she came to a river
She decided to jump into the deep river
Rather than to be killed or beaten by her own son
The shepherd jumped into the river to search
But couldnít find her and finally in his last dip
He found a small piece of beautiful wood
Knowing that his mother had been pulled by the current
He cried with very deep regret
He then engraved his motherís name on the wood
And offered his prayer daily without fail
Ancestor worshipping is to honor our beloved parents
Where their names are engraved on a piece of wood
In the temple of Tao
We offer a bow to our ancestors in our morning and evening daily prayers
Without ancestors, without us, be grateful
And for our parents while they are still alive
It is even more precious, value them and be grateful.