Attainment of Tao

A White Lotus will be given once a person is initiated or baptized with Tao. This White Lotus will serve as a vehicle to transport the soul back to Heaven known as Attainment of Tao.

Manifestation of the White Lotus

Lao Mu said, "Those who received Tao will have their names registered on the roll in Heaven and have their names removed from the roll in the Underworld, transcending the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Discard this mortal flesh and let your immortal soul live in the Kingdom of Bliss. These are not empty talks but supported by real evidences. Even the body which is a false image can serve as a proof. The corpse does not stiffen in winter nor decay in foul smell in summer and appears alive."

















To prove what Lao Mu said, Tao devotees who cultivate Tao upon passing away will appear lively, serene and peaceful.
You won't feel scare to look at it and the bodies are normally soft and not stiffen. They can even sit down, please see examples as below as proof of what Lao Mu (God) said. This is Attainment of Tao where the souls peacefully returned to Heaven.