What is the meaning of reflecting one’s aureole inward?


When a man is in the Hou-tien10, his mind is occupied by thoughts

and concerns.  If one thinks about external chores, he is with the

flow of the Hou-tien.  If one reflects his aureole inward, he is going

against the Hou-tien.  When one goes with the flow of the Hou-tien

as he pursues materialism, emotions and desires, he is bound for the

cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and becomes a ghost.  When one

goes against the flow of the Hou-tien as he abandons the pursuit of

materialism, emotions and desires, and seeks his True Self, he is

following the way of Tao, and becomes Saints.


To encourage a person to pursue Tao, we should encourage him

to look inward into his True Nature.  To Look inward into the

True Nature is to seek the True Self.  To Seek the True Self

means to reflect one’s aureole inward.  One should concentrate

on the Right Portal at every moment.  If one constantly adheres

to his Right Portal, he can achieve a state that he makes no

distinction of himself and the others.  The practice of keeping

one’s heart in Oneness at his Right Portal is the way to part from

sufferings and attain pleasure.  A Sutra states “One must keep his

heart at his Right Portal at all times.”  Confucius said “Once

learned, one must practice constantly.”  Both teachings encourage

practitioners of Tao to follow this practice.  So all practitioners of

Tao must keep this in mind.