What is an awakened person?








To be awakened is to come to the realization of oneís True Self. A person becomes awakened when he realizes that his True Nature is that of Buddha. He longs for returning to Godís kingdom and dedicates to practise Tao. He makes sure that whatever he says, acts and thinks are faultless. He maintains tranquility in his sensual organs. He gives convenience to others. He makes no distinction between himself and others. He conveys Tien-Tao to others so that all, including himself; can become Buddhas.


An awakened lives in the adulterated society, yet he is not tainted by emotions and desires. He devotes himself to the spreading of Tao to the world, transforming Hell into Heaven. He points out Tien-Tao to those who are lost so that they can also realize their True Selves. He acts according to Tao. He takes ferrying those who are predestined to encounter Tien-Tao as his mission. He vows to save the world out of his mercifulness. This kind of person is an awakened person.