Be Strong but don’t Bully.
A Master of Tao was advised by a deity in the Temple of Tao some time ago
He has to be strong because the deity had been protecting him all these years
And he is going back to the highest Heaven as their karma of helping each other is over
The master had 36 spiritual creditors from his past lives
And these 36 spiritual creditors had been disturbing him all these years
But was been protected by the deity whom the master had good affinity
I came to understand that demons and devils might be big
But actually they are weak and we are strong
If we are strong in the sense of good, then we can defeat the big demons and devils
Make the devils your enemies if you have to have enemies
All of us unknowingly have many unseen enemies
It is only sooner or later they catch up with us to give us problems in life
The master after hearing the advice from the deity became very strong mentally
He had to chant the ‘Sutra of Maitreya Buddha on Rescue of Sufferings’
Three times a day for three months in order to repay his 36 spiritual creditors
The master nowadays is having a very stable and peaceful mind
As well as very good business which he developed over the years
After been strong, remember do not abuse it
I remembered then a boss of mine many years ago while I was struggling very hard
He was very strong mentally but sadly more like a bully to those inferior to him
To those superior to him he would be very humble
Once he came back from a very important meeting and was jumping up and down
Because someone superior to him was very rude to him, he felt it to his bones
When we think people are small and can be bullied, beware
They can turned big one day, you never know in your wildest dream
Do not look down on people and be humble at all time
You may have to go back to the one you bullied or looked down upon
With all the humbleness and goodness you developed over the years
Even though you sing the blues
You won’t get the blues
Everything you touch may turn into gold
I was told by the fortune teller many years ago
That I fell from the mountain, did not die
But when I woke up there was a pot of gold beside me
I fell and fell and fell, but today I am still alive and stronger
A stronger and a better person, thank God for the many falls that came to teach me
I can see the muscles and not the fats
I can see the big dog and not the small dog
I can sing the blues yet not feeling blues
Thank God for clearing my eyes to see better
And not just look and not see, hear and not understand
May you also develop your muscles to be strong and fight the fats
Sing the blues but yet not feeling blues
Good luck to your life in the fight.