Be Natural 


Master JiGong said,

"One can hardly have perseverance if one holds the following attitude:
In not having, but act as having
Being empty, but act as being abundant
Being in restraint, but act as being at ease
In cultivating TAO, one cannot cultivate in a way
That caters to othersí feelings and interests
For example, when one is not truly modest
But pretend to be very sincere
Or when one is actually feeling restrained and unnatural
But pretend to be comfortable and at ease
In this way, it is very hard for one to attain perseverance
Hence, in cultivating TAO, one must be natural"
People say you can bluff once but not all the time
One lie will lead to another
The smile or laugh or the eyes will usually reveal the truth
Whether a person is sincere, pretending or a hypocrite
In the Ten Admonitions, the 8th Admonition is very clear
Those who are not sincere will be separated from the sincere
Through the spiritual tests along the course of cultivation
If one is not natural it is difficult when facing hard time
It is very hard to attain perseverance
Usually one will drop out and leave the practice
It is sad to see many have left due to hardships and obstacles
I have encountered many who have left
Either they have the wrong view or not patient enough to see result
If a cultivator expects windfall or Heavenly help immediately
I am afraid there will be a lot of disappointments
If a person prayed and it can be answered accordingly
There wonít be any sufferings on earth
God helps those who help themselves
There is no shortcut to good life
With thousands of years of karma on our shoulders 
How could just a short prayer erased it all
Too great expectation or wrong expectation will cause disappointment
Letís be natural and let it be whatever will be
If it is yours it is yours, be it money or loved one
Cultivation is to change from bad to good
If we are pretending, it is time to stop
Be natural and give our best according to our ability
If we have the ability of an ant, then do as an ant could do
If we have the ability of a horse, then do as a horse could do
Our shoulders are different from one another
We carry different weights and responsibilities.