Among all the Scriptures and Sutras, which one is the best

and worth studying?


The purpose of  studying Scriptures and Sutras is to seek

Tien-Tao.  For those who received Tien-Tao, their practices

will not be hampered even if they do not study Scriptures and

Sutras.  As long as they hold fast to their True Selves, it is

equivalent to studying a true Sutra without words.  Besides,

there are 5,480 volumes in Buddhist Sutras alone.  If one studies

one volume a day, it will take fifteen years to complete the study. 

Precious time flies like an arrow and we cannot afford to devote

our energy in this endeavour.


On the other hand, we should not refuse to study any Scriptures

or Sutras either.  However, one can benefit from studying only if

one practices the teachings of scriptures and sutras.  Scriptures

such as The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean,

Confucian Analects, Mencian Analects, the Vajra Sutra,

Tan Ching (The Platform Scripture or The Treasure Sutra),

Tao-teh Ching, Qing-Jing Ching, The Holy Bible, The Koran, etc,

can all uncover our wisdom.  These are the ones we should study.