Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
When ill luck ripen, one cannot escape fate
If one is old, whatever goodness done come to zero
If one is young there is still a chance
There is still hope
One should not let it happen when one is old
Your cries and tears will not help
Because it is too late
If one experience great sadness when one is young
One should change faster
To correct one’s wrong doing
So that ill luck will not come
If it ever comes
It will come when one is young or earlier in life
So that repayment can be done earlier
And one can enjoy a better old life
If ill luck happens when one is young
It does not necessarily mean
Failure in life
It is our past bad karma
That cannot be escaped in this life
And it happens to three kinds of people
A very bad person
A very good person
Or a person who has received Tao
So ill luck could be a blessing in disguise
To change a person
From darkness to brightness
May ill luck be a blessing in disguise
To those who are on the course of changing
From an ignorant person to a sage
Do not be caught
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
When one is already old
Confucius in the explanatory notes on I Ching mentioned:
"The family which accumulates good deeds
Surely will have remaining prosperity
And the family which accumulates bad deeds
Surely will have remaining tragedy."
Forty years ago, a rich family had a petrol kiosk business
They were my neighbour, so I frequented the area
I saw the father cheating on the pump meter
And also mixing petrol with kerosene in the night
Now they are poor and pitiful people, a tragedy of their own doing and were caught
Between the devil and the deep blue sea.