Body Odour


In my regular morning exercise between 6.30 am to 7.30 am

I would go to a lake garden near my house to do my brisk walking

One round around the lake is about 1.2 kilometres

The walking path is about 8 feet wide made of tarred road

Everybody would walk anti-clockwise and some jog in the same direction

But a handful odd one would walk or jog clockwise

Then there was a bulky man of about 50 years old

He would run very fast clockwise for about 50 metres and then stop

After walking for a short distance then he would run again and repeat….

The first time when I came across him running very fast towards my direction

I didn’t realize that he had such a bad body odour

Together with his sweat, it was just horrible to breathe as he passed by

Subsequently whenever I saw him running near towards me

I would hold my breath as he passes me

I believe everyone did the same because he was the odd one

Who would pass by everybody in the opposite direction

Then one day as he was running towards me about 30 to 40 metres away

Right in front of me was a lady walking anti-clockwise like me

When she saw the bulky man running towards her

Her immediate action was walking away from the walking path

At least more than 10 feet from the tarred road so as to avoid crossing him

I realized that she must be avoiding his strong bad body odour

I really pitied the bad body odour man and his running in the opposite direction

He may not realize how bad his body odour is and why people avoid him

Then I recalled the time before 1995 when I was not a vegetarian

My right armpit used to smell whenever I sweat

It was also such a horrible stinking odour where I could smell it myself

I used to apply fragrance to stop the sweat and smell

But it was only a temporary measure that could not be cured

I was always afraid that I would sweat and it would emit the smell

It was the bacteria living underneath my right armpit

That when contacted with my sweat and caused the emission of the odour

Likewise for the bad body odour bulky man because he sweat a lot

Bad body odour can be very offensive and put off people

The example of the lady in front of me moving far away to avoid the stink

Explained by itself how people can be offended and what if it is in an enclosed place!

For example in a lift, a room, a house or if married and your spouse has it!

The best remedy is to take vegetarian food or any non-meat food

My armpit odour naturally went off after I became a vegetarian in 1995

I never had that problem anymore even when I sweat

No meat, no body odour because meat stinks when it rots

Vegetables usually do not stink when they decay

So if our body is fed with vegetables or fruits only, there won’t be any odour

But if we take meat and even we do not have body odour, as we age

There would be old people smell, which we said old man smell

This is due to years of taking meat, fish or any edible food made from living beings

The smelly rotten meat or fish is already in the bones and all over the body

Just imagine those with constipation problem…….

The excrement stays in the big intestines………in the body……for days….

Once there was an old man of more than 80 years who came to live with me

He told me he had a problem with his eldest daughter-in-law and I pitied him

I allowed him to stay for a while to get over his problem which I did not know what

He did not tell me the real reason until when he came to stay with me

I realized he had an old man smell, so strong that my house was polluted…..that

Once he opened the main door when he returned from outside, I could smell his odour

Obviously all the sofa and the thing that he used had his smell

Politely after almost a year I asked his son to take him back

It took me some time to get rid of the smell that polluted my house using deodorant

I believe his daughter-in-law must be offended by the same reason

May you realize that this could be a problem in your life

That you are ignorant about it and cannot understand

Why people are treating you differently and patiently

It could be from your children, in-law or your spouse

Get rid of it by being a vegetarian

Or avoid any food with meat, fish, garlic or onion…….