Born to be a Beggar
One day while I was having my breakfast
A woman beggar, around fifty years old, approached me
She said, Brother, give me RM1.00, quite politely
I looked at her, well, a very healthy beggar
I checked my pocket and I told her I had no small change
Then she replied, OK, I could wait and then gave a funny laughter
She went to the next table and they refused to give her any
There was a small playground nearby
She sat there and waited for me
Then I remembered a story about
The Emperor of the Underworld and two sinful souls
After the punishment and ready to be borne as human beings
The Emperor asked the sinful souls
When you are born as a human on earth
Do you want to give or receive?
The first one immediately answered
I want to receive
The second one after some thoughts answered
I want to give
The first one was born as a beggar; to receive
The second was born rich; to give
The Emperor knew, even after all the punishments
And sermons by the Holy Spirits before rebirth in the underworld
The first one still could not change his attitude
The second one has learned and can be a good human being
Looking at the healthy woman beggar
And the funny laugh she gave out
I realized it would be difficult for her to find a job
Needless to say running her own business
Out of pity I gave her some money
If you have a good job, you should be thankful
If you have a stable business, you should be thankful
If you do not have and have to depend on others for food and shelter
You are just like a ‘beggar’
Sometimes we have to ‘beg’ for a job to live
Sometimes we have to ‘beg’ for payment for job done
Sometimes we have to ‘beg’ our employees to do a job
Do not expect to receive 
Be prepared to give
Even if you have loan someone money
Considered it as a charity or gift
So that we do not have to be born as a ‘beggar’
But born rich
Rich in virtues; money, no problems!