From the hustle and bustle of city life
People are getting away to faraway land
To look for peace and away from the noise and the rat race
Some go to the caves
Some go to the jungles
Some go to the deserts and
Some go to the seas…but
When they come back
The hustle and bustle also come back
There is no permanent peace, only temporary
No matter how they try to breakaway
There is no escape
Some renounce and become monks and nuns
Some learn the art of meditation
Some become hermits
So as to escape permanently
Learn the art of breakaway by
Accepting the hustle and bustle of life
Accepting the sufferings of mankind
Feel the pain and tragedy of mankind
Develop your heart for the sufferings of mankind
Develop your life for the life of mankind
In this way, the hustle and bustle are part of our life and,
Life will take care of itself
You can run and hide
But you cannot breakaway and escape
Learn the art of effective breakaway
It will just be like
Brushing your teeth in the morning
No problem
There is a quotation:
"Sinners will become evil spirits and be imprisoned in Hell.
Philanthropists will become holy spirits and enjoy complete happiness.
Thus one must be awakened and realized that
The path to Heaven and Hell depends on ourselves."
We have a choice
It is the right actions, with or without sincerity
With sincerity, it is Heaven
Without sincerity, it is Hell
"Be sincere and grow spiritually by living together with the society
When wood is away from the fire, it will not turn to ashes," said Kuang Cheng Tzu
Breakaway from evil, the fire
You will not get burnt and turn to ashes
You will have inner peace.