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Tips To Avoid Breast Cancer
By Nafa Danfad

Breast cancer occurs when cancer cells start to develop in
the breast tissues. In the recent years, breast cancer has
become rampant among the women of the world, being ranked
fifth in the list of deadly cancers.

Tragically, news had been spreading for more than a decade
about famous female individuals who struggled to fight this
killer disease, but the fight was in vain. Those included in the
list were singers Minnie Riperton and Dusty Springfield, Linda
who was the beloved wife of Beatles member Paul McCartney,
and Oscar award-winning actress Bette Davis. There still are
women out there who are braving this disease, some of whom
have won the battle. Still, prevention is better than cure! So to
all the women reading this, do take this matter as seriously as
you can, before it is too late.

Let us explore the symptoms of breast cancer for earlier detection
and prevention:
One will experience a change in the way the breast or the nipples
feel. The nipple may soften or a thick lump may be seen situated
near the breast or the underarm area. One will also encounter a
transformation in how the breast or nipples look. The shape and
size of the breast or nipples may change and grow a little inwards.
The breast skin may turn reddish or bloated and may develop edges
that take after the skin of an orange.

The more evident symptom is the discharge that comes out from
the nipples. It is normally yellowish in color. If you observe that
these symptoms have befallen upon you, start your engine and
give your breasts an early prevention….

1. Avoid too much of alcohol. Limit yourself to drinking one glass
or stop drinking it for good!

2. Maintain an acceptable weight because obesity is one of the
factors that can heighten the risk of breast cancer. Improve on
your dieting by restricting your fats intake.

3. Be more physically sound by carrying out regular exercises.
Exercising contributes to the maintenance of your weight, thus
reducing the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

4. Go for a mammogram for early detection of breast cancer.
You should do so especially when you have reached the age of
50 and above.

5. Avoid sleeping with your bra on. Wearing a bra for more than
12 hours can contribute to the growth of cancer cells in your
breasts. And do not keep on wearing the same bra for a few
days. You should change to a brand new bra every single day.

To the women who are still fighting the disease, be strong and
do not feel embarrassed about going through. Keep your spirits
alive! And to the rest of the women out there, take this seriously
and do follow the tips given to ensure guaranteed protection
from this ‘lethal weapon’.

Nafa Danfad

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