Broken Heart
The most painful mental torture is a broken heart
One cannot eat and sleep
It is like a thousand needles poking the heart
Whenever the painful thought strikes
Thinking of the happy times with your loved one
And now someone new is having it
So what is real happiness?
Happiness can also bring painful memories
And we call it broken heart, for the broken heart
The only cure is either time or a new love
Which is equivalent or better
Otherwise the heart is still not at peace
There is no medicine for a broken heart
If God created us, why are there broken hearts?
Why must we suffer from broken hearts?
It should be a perfect creation, Adam and Eve
Heart to heart, no broken hearts
Science cannot explain broken hearts
Broken hearts are the result of life of which
There is repayment or revenge done
So if anyone suffers from a broken heart
Just try your best to accept
That you have done it to him or her before in the past life
Now it is repaid, may it be the last
And may a new love comes
A much better one to heal the broken heart
If we could accept the cause
Learn to accept the effect
"Do not do onto others
What you do not want others to do onto you," said Confucius
The sooner we realize
The faster the broken heart will heal
Those who had suffered broken hearts knew how deep was the pain
Those who had not suffered, would not be able to feel and experience the pain
It is easy to say, to accept the cause and the effect
But what done cannot be undone
Bodhisattva fears the cause; human fears the effect
But humans are blind to the cause in many occasions
Especially in love, the desire to touch
We never knew it could lead to a broken heart
One thing for sure, if you selfishly take away other people’s loved one
You will one day suffer a broken heart in this life or in time and space to come
Have a crystal clear heart, a Diamond Heart
It cannot be easily broken, a Heavenly Heart.