To get bullied is fated
One day in a small coffee shop many years ago
A very thin young waiter came to take my order
Looking at him, I gave a pitiful sight
After my drink was served
His boss for no apparent reason
Gave him a very harsh scolding
Looking at the face of his boss
It was like an angry tiger about to eat someone
With red vein eyes staring at him
And non-stop vulgar verbal bombardment
Using all kinds of words not found in the dictionary
In front of everybody in the coffee shop
The poor chap with eyes looking down
Had to take it all without a word
He could not say a word to defend himself
Likewise millions of people get bullied
All over the world for all kinds of reasons
Recently the house facing back to back of my house
Had a maid and the woman boss
Very often can be heard giving her maid
Hours of good scolding and grumbling
Actually hurting my ears while writing
If mental bullying is bad then in Malaysia
One of the worst cases is still pending in court
A very pitiful Indonesian maid
Was disfigured by her boss
Using hot iron to press on her breasts
Her face severely swollen and injuries marks
All over her body including those caused by hot water
Saved by a good neighbor who reported to the police
If we have bullied someone in our previous lives
Just be aware that the same will be done to us in this life
If we are bullying someone in this life
Just be aware that soon our turn will take place
If not in this life, we cannot escape in future lives
Be good to others, and others will be good to us
Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you
Do unto others what you want others to do unto you
May we all live and let live
In peace because life is just too short
Never bully anyone
Never torture anyone
Physically and mentally