Carefree Spiritual Body


Master JiGong advised,

‘If you wish to obtain a
Carefree Spiritual Body
You must correct and refine yourself’
What is the meaning of refine?
This is an example
One day in the center of the city of Kuala Lumpur
My car was stationed because of traffic jam
And suddenly I heard a bang
A motorbike knocked into a man
I did not witness how it happened
But I saw a man seriously injured
On the opposite side of the road
Lying on the pavement
I could have immediately got down to help
But I hesitated because of the seriousness of the injury
Within seconds a car stopped and gave help
I felt lousy and dejected that day
Because I did not offer help immediately
Then I vowed myself to do so the next time, if ever…
In my car booth, I placed some old newspapers
Ready to help if I had to send a victim of a road accident to hospital
True enough, months later, the same type of accident happened
Then I sent the victim to the hospital
The vow I took, I fulfilled it that day
This vow and the action is refinement
Ready to help unfortunate victim of road accident
It is a refinement to refine my mind and soul
To act instantly without second thought
Our conscience and instinct is pure
We have to develop and practise it naturally
Only then can we be rewarded with a
Carefree Spiritual Body
Earn it through refinements.