Cat & Rat


One day I saw a cat caught a rat

With its paw, it was playing with the rat

The rat couldn’t escape from its paw

Playfully the cat pretended to let go the rat

But was easily caught again and again

After some time I left the place

While the cat was still playing with the rat

Then while having my breakfast at another coffee shop

Again I saw a cat caught a rat

And this time the cat gripped it at its mouth

The rat was still alive and its legs were moving

Slowly the cat started biting the rat

Piece by piece from the upper neck of the rat

Its flesh was slowing eaten by the cat

Until the rat stopped moving its legs and died

Finally the whole rat was eaten by the cat except its head

I could see why the rat was so afraid of cat

We see dog after cat and cat after rat

It is natural for them to go after each other

Many other animals also did the same

Either for food or they just fight among themselves

We see it very often in TV program

At times it could be very pitiful to see the suffering

How the preys run and finally got caught by its predators

How its flesh was slowly eaten alive just like the cat and rat

Humans sometimes also were eaten by animals

Crocodiles, tigers, sharks, snakes and other wild animals have eaten men

Animals do not actually come out from their habitat

To harm man but it was man who encroaches into their habitat

This is a story of a hunter who used hunting dogs

While going into the jungle looking for his prey

He saw a jungle monk meditating under a tree

As an omen of bad luck, the hunter let go of its hunting dogs

Trying to harm the peaceful monk

Hearing the rushing dogs toward him, the frightened monk

Quickly climbed up the tree to escape from the hunting dogs

The hunter grinning seeing the frightened monk up in the tree

Trembling and shaking, his robe dropped and covered the hunter

The hunting dogs did not know who was covered by the robe

Rushed forward and devour the hunter immediately

Predator became the prey by his own hunting dogs

Do not hunt; let the animals live according to their lives

The animals in return will let you live in peace