The Waiting Cat


One night I was having my dinner at a coffee shop

After finishing my meal, I leisurely observed people

At many tables away from my table

Some smoking after having their dinner spoiling their health

Some leisurely talking to their friends or relatives

I was with my wife slowly sipping our drinks

Then I saw a strayed cat slowly walking to a table

Where a couple was having fried fish

The cat stopped at the manís side

Lifting its head, staring at the man like begging for food

Hoping that the man will notice its waiting and begging

Obviously for left over or some fish bones

The man did not even bother to look at the cat

After about five minutes, waiting in vain

The cat slowly walked to the womanís side

Doing the same and closer to the woman

The woman noticed the cat but continue eating and talking

She turned a few times to look at the poor cat

But did not offer any fish or left over or bones

The poor cat left after about 10 minutes of waiting

Knowing very well that no food will be given

When I compared this to a beggar begging for money

At the coffee shop when people were having their food

There seems to be no difference

One a human and another an animal

Both need food suitable to their stomach

One uses money to buy and animal eats when given

To live such a life is pitiful

When one has to stretch out his hand

Nowadays many elderly people having children

Without any cash reserve can be as pitiful

To depend on their children for food and shelter

They too have to stretch out their hands

Some preferred to be beggars

Some have to live in old folksí home

Some live with their children bitterly as they swallow their food

It could be because of their children

Or because of their childrenís spouse

Years ago I have encountered an old man of 88 years old

Preferred to live in the temple than his sonís house

His reason was his daughter-in-law could not tolerate his smell

Old people have old peopleís smell

If you are a vegetarian, there is hardly any old peopleís smell

Pray that we live and go peacefully without having to beg