Check and Correct


Master JiGong was the rebirth of one of the 18 Arhats
As JiGong, he was a monk who dressed like a beggar
He walked thousands of miles without a penny in his pocket
And a roof above his head
Preaching the Truth and guiding the lost until his last breath
In the temple of TAO, he dictated a poem
"Looking foolish in stupid airs,
Yet light and happy is my heart!
On the go all day long, how easy and free I stomp!
Gentle and kind to everyone, in joy and cheers I run!
Yet one thing I must seriously take:
Check and correct my mistake."
In modern time we had encountered a lady
Who walked tens of thousands of miles for peace
It took her years to accomplish her cause
A great human who deserved greatest honor and respect
Her heart was with GOD and the world
It is an example of Master JiGong, the same heart
So Master JiGong said,
For the cultivators of TAO you are the small JiGong
Keep on walking and practising, soon you will be the Big JiGong
As you walk you check and correct your mistake
One has to go through it oneself
The feeling and taste are experienced by oneself
If one has walked or flew tens of thousands of miles to spread the Truth
The Truth is in oneself, a gentle and kind look one will transform
I have met and known a lot of people since young
For those that are kind hearted, they look good and even better over the years
For those that are ordinary, time has worn them down
I would like to grow old gracefully
Checking and correcting my mistakes along the way
This I must seriously take and never forget
By writing books I may be recognized
This is not my motive
The Truth and sayings are so beautiful
That I just want to share with everybody
If it ever motivates a single person to save himself
I will be the happiest man
Even though I have to spend hours and hours writing it
It could not be compared to the number of years Master JiGong walked
Or the kind lady walked for world peace
In one way or another you have your own walk
But just be aware that you have to take seriously
Check and correct your mistake(s) along the way.