Cock a Doodle Doo
In a small town or village
Early in the morning we can still hear
Cock a doodle doo…..coo..coo..coo..coo..coo
For many people, another day of work
Another day of sweat
Another day of dream
Another day of hope….
There is not much meaning in life
Problems, problems, problems…..without end
One wave after another
Before the old problem is settled
A new problem appears and certain people
Always gossip about others and nothing else
It seems that they are the only good ones in this world
In the sayings of Taoism
Such a person will be reborn
As a cock, so that every morning, they will
Cock a doodle doo….coo..coo..coo..coo..coo
For everybody to hear
May we speak the truth
And stop creating stories to make people quarrel
Certain people find satisfaction
In breaking up people’s relationship
Which may result in divorce
And family breaks up
The underworld has harsh punishment for them
And there is also the fighting ‘cock’
Some people like to fight; in business, just the hot temper or inborn
Once I was working in a big firm listed in the Stock Exchange
There was a shareholder who fought for control of the board in 1977
The one who had the ‘unclean money’ from the naïve investor
Used the ‘unclean money’ to fight and threw out the naïve investor
The naïve investor was just too trusting, without doing any due diligence
Before he paid millions hoping to make millions
The auditor of the big firm, a smart fellow
Told me how could the naïve investor fight with the fighting cock
I could see how the fighting cock fight using the ‘unclean money’
Engaging the best lawyer in town and the under table to throw out the case
The Buddha said,
"Don’t think Heaven see not even in the darkest room"
Recently the firm was delisted from the Stock Exchange
May the cock crow of cock a doodle doo
Wake up and stop the gossip and fight
Why not shake hand