Come and Go


‘Think carefully about this human world
Nothing really matters
All vexations are sought by oneself
Have them cleared up
Removed, dissolved and digested slowly
People have sufferings and vexations
We all have worries and sadness
Which must be transformed and dissolved by ourselves
No matter how old you are
No matter at what level you are
No matter what your job is
May you all keep your heart pure
And act according to the roles you play
Treat people with a true and sincere heart
Don’t mind how cunning and deceitful people are
That is their business!
As long as your heart is all true
You can touch their hearts and transform them.’
This is the advice of Master JiGong
It is only by giving
And only by having a just heart
Can you be free from vexation ( displeasures )
If everything is done only for the selfishness of oneself
You just invite a whole body of vexation
With dedicated diligence
There is no hard affair of the world
With hundred-folded endurance
There is grand harmony in the house
Master JiGong hopes
We can apply this saying into our social behavior and family relations
Also, let society be nurtured
With our wholesome energies
Let it be transformed into a more auspicious
More promising, more harmonious
And a more united society
Time comes and goes
Why not let vexations come and go too.