Contribution can be in kind or money
There are three types of contribution
By money which is the most common
By offering general help
By propagating the truth
On 7/11/2000 a devotee made a donation to my temple
In terms of large quantity of dry food
Knowing that the temple offer free vegetarian food
She on her own accord contributed
I then remembered in 1989
On the way to hospital to see my father
Who was admitted there for treatment
I saw a beggar sitting on the floor
I took out my wallet
And I have small change of RM8
I gave it all to him
The next day I saw the same beggar
He immediately approached me
And told me how happy he was
That he could not sleep the whole night
Just thinking about the money I gave
The smile on his face was genuinely pleasant and joyful
A small donation but it gives real joy
The joy in me seeing him thanking me
Is even more than his joy
Giving joy to others
Is giving joy to ourselves
The more we give
The more we unknowingly receive
To create blessing for others
Is to create blessing for ourselves
To sacrifice for others
Is to offer oneself for Heaven