When we look up, it is the sky
And our feet on the earth
The sky is the cover of the coffin
And the earth is the coffin
Sooner or later, the cover will close on us
Says the Buddha
Nowadays a lot of people use craftiness
To gain profit in the shortest possible time
But they also lose it very fast
Unlike in the olden days
Wealth is built over a period of time on solid ground
And it is not so easy to lose it
Like the wild horses running here and there
And the chimpanzees jumping here and there
It is still on earth that our feet step on
There is nowhere we can run and hide
The sky is round, and is all above us
If we use craftiness to gain profit
There is law on earth
And there is law in Heaven and Hell
On earth you may escape, but for how long?
Can you really escape?
In the day you sweat
In the night you sweat
You may not find peace
And when the door of earth is closed
Hopefully it is not the Messenger of Death
Waiting for you
They want your soul and life
Not your black money, you cannot bribe them
Confucius said:
"The superior man does what is proper to the situation he is in;
He does not desire to go beyond the principle of Tao
In a position of wealth and honor, he does what is proper
To a position of wealth and honor
In a poor and low position, he does what is proper
To a position of poor and low
In a position of sorrow and difficulty, he does what is proper
To a position of sorrow and difficulty
The superior man can find himself in no situation
In which he is not himself."
Superior man will not use craftiness
He will follow the principles of Tao.