Master JiGong said
‘In talking good about others
We are good too’
On 5/11/2000 I visited a temple
And there was a talk on deviationist and cult practice
When people mentioned cult
Usually it is in the sense of wrong practice
There were four speakers
One of them seems to have suffered from stroke
Because his mouth was slanted
Another one with a very dark complexion and unpleasant face
The other two were pleasant and wise looking
The dark one was very critical about TAO
And could not be bothered about feelings of others
The ‘stroke’ one supported him
The pleasant two were very cautious in their words
Looking at this it looks like
The speech matches the appearance
In talking bad about others
We are bad too
I wonder why must people be so critical
In meeting Buddhist we say Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu
In meeting Christian we say Alleluyah
In meeting Muslim we say Salam
The world will be at peace
Master JiGong said
A true religion
If the practice is not sincere and causes harm to others
It becomes a false religion
A false religion
If the practice is sincere and promotes peace
It becomes a true religion
True, true, false, false
The Chinese usually says about practice
Which is true and which is false?
Even in one religion
There are protestors or different view
Mahayana and Theravada
Catholic and Protestant
Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian
Who is true and Who is false?