Dancing with the Cows


If there is animal worth dancing with
It is the cow not the wolf
When we were young
The cows were our substitute mothers
She gave us her milk just like mother’s milk
So when one grows up
There should be some gratitude at least
In sparing her flesh for food
The Hindus regard the cows as sacred
For this very simple reason
For those who rear cows for their milk
And sent them to the slaughter house when old
Is most ungrateful
Nobody will do that to his mother
If cows could be valued as ‘once my mother’
Then her life will most likely be spared
And given a decent burial when the time comes
Buddha says,
Right livelihood
In this regard, for her milk not her flesh
May this also applies to other living beings
Such as the hen for her eggs
The goat for her milk
May the shepherd lead the sheep
To eat only grass and to have her wool
To keep us warm
And not to satisfy our stomach
May vegetable be to man as
Grass is to sheep
JiGong said,
"The heart is the cruelest if we kill sentient beings
The mouth is the dirtiest if we eat meat."
In a holy seminar of Tao
There was a manifestation of a ‘Fish Demon King’
She was the concubine of an emperor in China
Because of her cruelty, many people suffered and died
Then she was punished and became an evil fox spirit
After many thousands of years of sufferings
She is now a ‘Fish Demon King’
She said she hated spiritual people
Who professed to be holy 
But yet take meat
There will be problem for them.
She promised.