Dangerous World

Recently a beautiful young woman was raped and murdered
Then brutally burnt beyond recognition in the press in Malaysia
This is becoming the problem almost everywhere throughout the world
Snatch thieves in every corner and robbers carry weapons
It is really worrisome to see crime happening daily in the press
From small little girl to female adult, even to the age reaching 70
The criminals have lost their conscience
Either they were forced to do it because of money or passion
The end is still tragic for any brutal murders
If we want to look for an answer why such a beautiful person
Had to die in such a tragic death
We will never find the answer
The only sensible answer is because of the past lives between
The victim and the murderer as in the case of the beautiful woman
Who had been raped, murdered and then burnt
The power of heaven is lesser than the power of karma
And the power of karma is lesser than the power of repentance
To repent and immediately change can transform
A criminal into a good person, but what about the bad deed done
They still have to be repaid, sooner or later
Do not be too late to repent on earth
There is still hope to repay the wrong done
Anyone can ask for forgiveness
But not every request can be accepted and forgiven
It all depends on the victim, whether to accept or not to accept
That is why the power of the karma is greater than the power of heaven
Even if heaven forgives and the victim refuses to forgive
Heaven cannot stop the revenge
If you want anyone to accept your apology
It must come from the heart with sincerity
Otherwise, in one form or another, in any lifetime, anyplace
Revenge such as the beautiful woman brutal murder can take place
Likewise for any crimes of similar nature
Do not be surprised that they have to happen
This is the time of great revenge, an eye for an eye, a life for a life
The gate of hell is opened 24 hours a day
The law of karma is fair and just
It cannot be explained in just one lifetime
It is beyond this life and cannot be avoided
It is just very frightening to realize
It can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace
It is a Dangerous World