Deja vu


Déjà vu is a French word for, already seen
It is to express a feeling
That in a new situation where one has never been to
There is an immense feeling of familiarity
Telling that one has been there before
When one actually hasn’t
The feeling can be so intense
That it may be impossible to believe that
It isn’t real
This is the reason for many people to believe that
Experiencing Déjà vu is evidence of reincarnation
The idea that our souls live many lives
The past co-exists with the present
Scientists cannot explain what causes Déjà vu
What they can say is just
There is a kind of faulty memory system
Many people in this world experience Déjà vu
Unfortunately those who do not
Tend not to believe
It needs understanding and realization to believe
There are endless evidences of reincarnation
Certain people may even recall themselves
As a dog, cat, mouse…..etc
This causes phobia upon seeing cats, rats…etc
Or upon seeing certain people
They could have been great enemies during their past lives…..
If everybody could experience Déjà vu
Then this world would be even more chaotic
There will be too many enemies and loved ones
Life is just mysterious
I have a friend who is a medium for a female deity
When she was young, she said she could see ghost
She had seen so many ghosts that she could no longer afraid of seeing them
Whenever she entered a hotel room, she would know whether there was a ghost
If there was, then the ghost would immediately look at her
She had even seen ghosts of those died by hanging
Their heads hung like a bunch of fruits on a lamp pole
So many of her stories were hair rising
Then one day she went to consult a spiritual master to erase her sight of ghost
The spiritual master said, yes, I would erase your sight of ghost
But upon seeing her name, the master said
He couldn’t do it!
Because in her last life, she was a helper in the underworld temple
Déjà vu, she is seeing the underworld here on earth.