Why is it that as the state of practice advances, the practitioner of

Tao faces tests of devil in ten folds? (48)


Since mankind came to Earth in Yin Phase, we all lived through many

lives.  Through these lives, we have accumulated tremendous debts

and sins and caused many catastrophes.  We committed sins and

owed debts to others in one life, came back in another life to try to

repay, but instead, accumulated even more.  Thus we are trapped in

the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  For those who have received

Tien-Tao and sincerely practice Tao, all those whom the practitioners

trespassed against are now worried that debts cannot be collected if

the practitioners return to God’s kingdom forever.  So they approach

the Judge of the Underworld for justice.  Since the Judge of the

Underworld is fair and just, he cannot prohibit them from collecting. 

Thus, the manifestations of karma of these practitioners will be

accelerated.  This is why these people will encounter obstacles such

as being possessed, running into accidents or getting severe

illness, etc.  Through these sufferings, knowingly or not, their

debts to the others are paid off.  Those who do not have strong

faith and clear vision think that by receiving Tien-Tao and practicing

Tao, they can live a better material life.  Now that they encounter so

many obstacles and are laughed at by their relatives and friends who

do not understand Tao, their wills to continue become impaired. 

They fail to realize that a piece of jade must be ground in order to

realize its use and a nugget of gold must be smelt in order to realize

its value.  Without high mountains, valleys cannot be contrasted. 

Iron must be smelted and forged many times to become steel. 

We hope that all who faces obstacles can bear and live through them. 

Confucius said “If one cannot bear with small sufferings and

sacrifices, he cannot achieve his ultimate goal.”