Diamond Marble Turtle


Once I had a very beautiful dream
I was fishing and then I caught something
As I slowly rewound the fishing line
Up came a white turtle’s head
As I looked carefully
A life turtle whose head was of white diamond marble
Sparkling like stars
Looking at me with a smile
I spoke to her
Little turtle, slowly came up without hurting
Let me see all of you
Then I will release you back into the river
The turtle slowly rose
And I held her in my palms
A pure white diamond marble turtle
The beauty is beyond imagination
And if sold, it could be worth hundred of millions of
But as I had promised to release her after looking at her
I wished her best of luck
And threw her back into the river
Then I woke up
I felt very happy that I had honored my word
In dream or reality
We must honor our words
Nowadays we see thick agreements
But yet the courtrooms are full of people
Suing each other for all kinds of reasons
From civil to criminal cases
Just because one party failed to honor its words
If one loses one’s creditability
One will lose almost everything
Earn an honest living and be sincere
Life will take care of itself
In spiritual cultivation, JiGong said,
"Thousand Demons Million Spiritual Tests"
Asura Demon is giving the test until you are upside down
They are directed by Heaven to carry out tests on aspiring cultivators
But now the test is getting tougher
Because Asura Demons and Spiritual Creditors
Are acting together at the same time
One comes to give the test
The other comes to take revenge
In reality or dream, one must persevere and endure the hardships
Reward can be as good as the real Diamond Marble Turtle.