Why is there the distinction of good and evil in human character?







The human character is good or evil depends on which one of the Li–Xing, Qi–Xing or Zhi–Xing (True Nature, Human Nature or Animal Nature) dominates. The True-Nature is the essence of Tao as well as the soul of a human. It is all good and has no evil. The Human Nature is sometimes pure and sometimes contaminated. Therefore, it can be good or evil. The Animal Nature is always desire for materialism and all evils without any goodness.


If one’s True Nature dominates, he will act in accordance with the five virtues of Tao. Everything he does will always conform to the centre and harmony. If his human nature dominates, he may be good sometimes and evil at other times. If his Animal Nature dominates, he will be deeply pulled by materialism and the consequence is that his temperament is almost all evil and hardly any good.