Thousands get married and
Thousands get divorced daily all over the world
Is divorce really a sin?
The bible states that
Out of unfaithfulness divorce is permissible
The unfaithful party is the sinful one
Faithful party is not sinful if remarried
Sometimes there is no unfaithfulness
The love just dies
And the relationship becomes unbearable
With or without children, both parties suffer
Short sufferings are sometime better than long
Divorce may be better for both parties
To give each other a chance to really feel and
To choose between separation or stick to the marriage
In the teaching of Tao
When two parties meet and become one
There is something to do with the past
It could be good or bad
A good marriage is because of
Happy past life marriage not exhausted
A bad marriage is because of
Unhappy past life marriage not exhausted
Or the couple has never married before in the past life
So the new relationship has lesser understanding
A very bad marriage is because
They were enemies in the past life taking revenge
For those who are facing bad marriage
Accept that repayment of the past life
Had to be paid and once repaid
Divorce could bring more happiness
May there be peace and mercy to the broken hearts.
Buddha said,
If the whole family cultivates Tao together, they can be together in Heaven
Otherwise when each passed away
Each will go in different incarnations and be separated, how pitiful
For the divorce and unhappy couples for whatever reasons
If ever they get together again
May God bless them with eternal peace
Once a wife of a good cultivator told me
She is very much happier now, because of Tao
Her husband had stopped smoking, drinking, gambling and outing.
She is very thankful to Tao
Divorce? No! Give Tao a chance.