Dragon and Snake
Master JiGong said,
"A mature man must take on responsibilities throughout his life
Without taking on responsibilities
He would not have a career in the society
Similarly a sensible, wise and far-sighted person
Must be good at casting off attachments
Without casting off attachments
He cannot have a transcendent (unworldly) heart and mind
And when the worthy and the sagely conducts himself in the society
Apart from possessing
‘The heroic viscera of a dragon and a snake’
He must also possess the heart and gut of a Bodhisattva
Then only are there things that he would do
Then only are there things that he would not do
Only then, he can master his actions with the conscience
And not with the selfish ego." 
Master JiGong further advised,
"See through the reality of the worldly things as early as possible
It is hard to cultivate but be sure that you correct yourself
Don’t wait until impermanence (death) comes
When you can’t bring your meritorious deeds, fame, wealth and honor with you
Even this ‘Stinky-Skin-Bag’ will be buried
In the deserted hillocks where the flesh transform into clear wind
And the bones mix with the filthy soil
Let alone the objects and affairs exterior to the body."
Dragon is a very active spiritual creature respected by the Chinese
Snake is best known to everyone
If we can be like a dragon in the cultivation and propagation of TAO
Maybe one day
We shall be standing on a dragon just like
The Goddess of Mercy and the famous Green Dragon
It’s a fantasy but a reality to many
That the Green Dragon can even manifest in the temple
Help the sick and bless the unfortunate
In America there was a Negro who upon initiation of TAO
Saw a dragon in the temple and asked ‘What is that animal?’
Because he was the only one who could see the dragon
He was then shown a picture of a dragon to confirm what he saw
He then became a devoted cultivator of TAO
On attainment of TAO
We shall see the Green Dragon.
In reality but only
In Heaven.