In one of my morning walks at the park near my house
The centre is a lake and the walking path
For one round is 1.2 kilometers
A few hundred familiar faces do the same walk every morning
A few will jog and a few do some form of slow exercises
Nearby the park is a 5-star hotel
That morning a group of white people, male and female
About 20 of them joined in the morning exercise
It is not often that in Malaysia we can see this scenario
But the trouble was the females were dressed in very sexy outfits
All of them seemed to be of good stamina and they jogged effortlessly
I do not know which country they came from
While jogging they were able to sing together
“We will, we will rock you,” very loudly
Obviously they caught the attention of everybody
Thousands of eyes focused at them whenever they passed by
But the group of regular joggers, strong middle aged men
Instead of jogging, they stopped and watched the ‘show’
The revealing outfits and the singing which can hardly find there
I could see the regular joggers’ routine was interrupted
If they were to continue coming, then the regular joggers
Might not be able to have their regular exercise done
It was fun watching the ‘show’ and the outfits
But the place was not a beach, and Malaysian
A conservative society still at heart
Wouldn’t dare to expose so much while jogging
For the Whites, it is normal
From a scantily dressed woman to a fully dressed one in public
Obviously the eyes of men will naturally know where to focus
Not only man but woman will also focus at the obvious one
There was a very highly respected spiritual teacher in Malaysia
Commenting on his faith when he saw woman who dressed
Showing her navel in public
He said his faith was also affected because of that dressing
Some men blame their uncontrolled desires because of this exposure
And start to look for a follow-up satisfaction to cool down
Woman may not understand fully how the mind of man thinks
And cannot accept the fact that this may lead to bad actions
By some men who do not know how to overcome their desires
Rape and murder are really a tragic death
And recently a very beautiful woman was raped, murdered and burnt
The accused had a decent job and married with children
His wife looked beautiful in the press
And can kiss and still love him despite the charges
Love is blind indeed and it cannot be fully explained even by science
The mystery of human and the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’
Opposite attracts and that is life that makes the world go round
From the jogging track to the beach and the ordinary female in public
Dressing definitely plays an important part in spiritual practice
I can see why certain religion requires
The female to cover up from toe to head