Drinking Water
As I was washing my car one day
A stray dog came and drank
The water I had used for washing
The water was flowing into the drain
Observing the way the dog was drinking
I pitied the reality of a life of a stray dog
Any source of drink and food
They have to grab or hunt daily
As its hair was dropping
The sight was even more pitiful
Its eyes facing earth, couldn’t face Heaven
Drinking just to quench its thirst
When one is born into the animal realm
One has no chance to do good
There is no consciousness
Just living until the end of one’s life cycle
As I learnt to have compassion
I realized the compassion of the Holy Beings
When they looked from Heaven onto earth
Just like observing the dog drinking water
Lost as it is in this world
Hunting and fighting for money, fame, love and passion
In order to survive
And fill the daily hungry stomach and desires
Each time when we hold a glass of water
Be thankful that we drink from the glass
And not lick from the ground
As the animal cannot complain and be fussy about food
They eat or drink whatever is there
But for human because we can speak
Many can be really fussy and full of complaints
Whether it is their lives, food, clothing, religions……never satisfied
The Chinese says,
"Heaven loves the ‘foolish’ child"
Because such a child does not complain and sin
Because such a child may not be really ‘foolish’
He is wise and quiet for good reasons
He just swallows the bitterness
Because words can be very hurtful
It can be worse than a jab by a knife
Jesus said,
Heaven belongs to children like these.
A childlike heart, a Heavenly heart
A Tao Heart.