Dumb and Deaf


Master JiGong said,
‘Sometimes in meeting
With evil, violent and naughty fellows
We have to pretend
To be dumb and deaf
So that in peace we may spend the winter’
I was not able to speak
Until I was 5 years old
My parents thought that
I would be dumb
Fortunately I spoke up
But with difficulty and Thank GOD
At least I could speak
There was a coffee shop
That employed a few people who could not speak
Through a few murmurs and hand signs
They were able to do their jobs
The shop was doing very well
The owner deserved it
Looking at how they worked
I realized how lucky I was
On the other hand these unfortunate people
Most likely would not offend other people
Because words could be very poisonous and harmful
In meeting evil, violent and naughty fellows
Careless words spoken might offend them
And got ourselves into troubles
Sometimes in meeting spiritual people
It is better to pretend
And say I don’t know
Religion is very sensitive
One wrong and careless word
May end up in big argument and hostility
In the course of propagation of TAO
It is very common to bump into this situation
Propagation and speaking of the truth
Must be skillful
Sensitivity of others is a prominent consideration
Not to initiate the hostility
I have encountered many times the hostility
Experience is what I have to be careful
Sometimes it is better to pretend that I am
Dumb and Deaf.