Dying Little Cat (Dated 10/10/07)


Recently while I was driving to work one early morning

I saw a dying little cat on the road struggling for its life

A car must have accidentally knocked her down earlier

She was in deep pain from my observation as I drove pass

Her legs were kicking and body twisting showing deep agony

Likewise a few years ago, similarly I saw a dying cat on the road

She was just ran over by a car in front of me

Very pitiful sight as she was jumping up and down on the road

At least two feet above the road struggling in great agony

I was not able to avoid her and I too further injured her

Be it a cat or human, the sight was very sorrowful

To see a living being suffering in pain before death

Pitiful sight like this makes me really feel the chill

It could be any human; not careful while crossing the road

About 20 years ago in the city of Kuala Lumpur

I was crossing a road and nearly got knock down by a small lorry

This road was the only road in Malaysia

Where cars go in the opposite direction

Left becomes right and right becomes left until today

Not aware of the opposite direction of the passing vehicles

I was looking at the wrong direction while crossing the road

Seeing no cars coming from my side, I started to cross

At a fraction of a second, a fast moving small lorry

Passed by me by just an inch leaving me stunned

Frozen for a moment I realized the opposite direction of the moving cars

If I were to be just a second faster, I would have been knocked down

My face would have been smashed by the lorry as I could feel the wind

Of the moving lorry on my face and the sound zooming by

Seeing the dying little cat on the road struggling really saddened me

Life is just so fragile and anytime one can just go painfully or peacefully

For death that caused by man, this is the advice from Heaven:

“The law of Heaven is strict and demanding, the law of karma is even more severe.

The law of Heaven is without mercy, the law of karma is even more merciless.

The law of Heaven is frightening, the law of karma is even more frightening.

The law of Heaven is fair and just, the law of karma is even fairer and justified.”

Live peacefully so that we can go peacefully and painlessly in return

I wish that we can always do the right thing in life so that

When it is time to go, it will be in our sleep without even knowing

And not like the dying little cat on the road

It is just frightening

Karma is just and fair