Dying Little Dog
As I was driving home to my hometown one festive day
I saw many animals and fowls knocked down by cars
First I saw a dead monkey on the road
Then a very beautiful brown bird
And after that I did not bother what were the dead bodies any more
So I told myself
The next dead body I encountered
I would stop my car and try to do something
True enough I came across another body
I stopped my car
It was a dying little dog
Just knocked down by a motor cyclist
Blood was oozing out from its mouth
And its heart was still beating
I dragged it to the side of the road
Fortunately the hospital was only a few miles away
I sent it there hoping to terminate its suffering fast
But the hospital assistant gave it a jab to end its life
This relates to an incident
When Buddha and his disciples
Were walking to a certain place
He stopped and knelt down to pray
To a skeleton beside the road
The disciples asked him
Why did you pray to the skeleton?
Buddha answered
This skeleton could be my ancestor’s skeleton
I paid respect to him….
Be it human or animal skeleton
The dying little dog might have human descendants
The Buddhist scripture says:
"There is no peace in the three realms
 Just like a burning house, filled with sufferings and fears
There are also the endless flame of birth, growing old, illness and death."
The death of the dying little dog is as painful as
A man being knocked down by a car or poisoned from modern day foods
So when an animal is knock down, nobody cares
When a human is being knocked down, somebody will care
But when a chicken is being knock down, nobody wants to eat that chicken
The real nature of human is pure   
Only that we do not know how to bring it out and extend it to the animal
The dying little dog could be your ancestor
Have a heart, as the Buddha says,
The skeleton could be his ancestor.