Can the effects of receiving Tien-Tao be proven? (28)


If one can practice Tao and his virtues touches God, he is blessed
when alive so that dangers and catastrophes will not endanger them. 

Examples of such can be compiled into an endless list.  Upon death,

he can transcend the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  Proofs of the

effects can be provided in two ways.  A soul who transcends the cycle

of birth, death and rebirth can be sent to Godís Altar to relate its

experience to the mortals.  The other way is to examine the corpses

of such persons.


If a Buddhist monk or a Taoist priest leaves his corpse with loose

joints and elastic body, he displays the sign of perfecting his Gong-fu15

and practice.  However, among thousands of monks and priests, only

few can attain enlightenment as such.  For all those who received

Tien-Tao through the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming,1

regardless of their virtues and merits, they all go with a smile on

their face, and the corpses do not stiffen in winter or decay with

foul smell in summer, for the souls left the body through the Right

Portal.  In some cases, the corpses stay elastic for several days in

winter and even give out fragrance.  Cases as such are numerous

and have been proven from children to the elderly.  In light of these

proofs provided by the corruptible body, there is no doubt that the

soul of those who received Tien-Tao must have gone to Heaven. 

Of course, if one acts against ethics after he has received Tien-Tao,

this kind of proof may not materialize.