Empty Room
To millions of lonely people
It is an empty room where one lives without love
Millions are born
And destined to live a lonely life
The cause and effect, karma says
If one takes away others’ spouse knowingly
One will be born a loner the following life
With a flower in the hand
And no one to give to
One can have millions of dollars
But the heart is always empty
No loved one to share with and no meaning in life
But do not despair
It may be a blessing in disguise
It may also be the time is ripe
For no further emotional burden of family life
It is time to return to the land of bliss
Just like a monk
Who has renounced
With no further attachments and burdens
There is no more owing towards each other
Having a spouse has something to do with in the past life
Not fully settled
Either they came to pay or to get repaid
From each other as well as the children
Let the empty room
Be a blessing in disguise
And May God forgive the lonely hearts.
In the past people got married at a very young age
And they had big family and lived with love
Nowadays people are getting married much later in life
Either they cannot find partners or too busy in their occupations
But in this modern time of entertainment
Single or even married men can easily get excitements of the hearts
With these wrongful excitements
Amounting to unfaithfulness or sin
More and more people will one day live in empty rooms
Because of broken families or sin of the heart
With the five thieves of the door of senses
Sight, sound, touch, smell and thought
Being slowly getting polluted into the body, mind and the soul
The empty room could one day
Be the jailhouse of punishment
A lonely heart in an empty room.