Enlightened Godly Beings


Master JiGong asked,
What is wisdom?
"It is what Heaven above has bestowed
It is not an acquired and skilled cleverness
That one attains after birth.
From where is wisdom generated?
‘Less vexation and less assorted desires.’
You must let yourself look deep and far
Then only can your wisdom be opened.
Be respectful to Heaven and earth
And be courteous to the Enlightened Godly beings
Nowadays, the young generation promotes atheism
Do you have a spiritual nature?
If you believe you have a spiritual nature
It means that
There is an existence of Light Beings in the invisible world
Hence disciples, when you come and learn TAO today
You must first rid off all the doubts and puzzles in your mind"
Enlightened Godly Beings
Means Buddhas, Saints, Immortals, Bodhisattvas…etc
Atheism means disbelief in existence of spiritual beings
Wisdom and cleverness are two different things
Wise people believe in existence of the light beings
People who do not believe in spiritual beings
Sometimes can be dangerous
They think that once they die
There is no more existence
So they are daring enough
To do things that make them happy
Even if it is against the law, heinous or very sinful
Those who promote atheism can be very clever and smart
But their cleverness may cause harm
To themselves and also to others
A person who is clever may not be wise
A person who is wise is definitely clever
So a wise man can pretend to be not clever
But a clever man cannot pretend to be wise
True Wisdom will give peace to a person and not harm
Earn it so that Heaven above will bestow on you
We can then be Enlightened Godly Beings