Enlightening Truth


It is the truth that leads to perfect universal awareness
If you have found the truth
Then you have found a path
Wherein you can cultivate your spirit
And settle your life
You must treasure it well
Gather your scattered mind
And cultivate your inner being
So that we can quickly
Step out of the net of karma
People always say
Life is busy and do not have time
But when impermanence arrives
You must leave this world for ‘Yama’
No matter how much fortune
No matter how many beautiful
Wives and concubines you possess
You can’t avoid being bullied by
The ghosts and ‘yaksas’
Nor can you escape the merciless, gloomy underworld
And the six-path samsara
The aim of cultivating truth
Is to achieve inner divinity
And with marvelous wisdom
We can conquer birth, death and rebirth
And be reborn in the land of bliss
Where we call home.
This is the advice of JiGong.