Essential Mind and Lower Mind


In the higher class of TAO where only vegetarians are allowed to attend
Master JiGong gave a deep teaching and said,
"All Fully Enlightened Beings of the Three Periods
And the Three Tripitakas and Twelve Categories
Are actually natural and complete within the Self-Nature
If one knows the Original Heart
All secrets can be revealed in one word
In giving up the lower mind
And using only the Essential Mind
One can understand the nature of one’s spiritual body
And can fully utilize the functions it gives"
All Fully Enlightened Beings are various Saints and Buddhas
Three periods are the past, present and future
Three Tripitakas and Twelve Categories are all Buddhist canons or bibles
Three Tripitakas are the three hidden treasures
Which are the three main canonical divisions of the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha
One, Sutras or doctrines stated by the Buddha
Two, Disciplines concluded by the Buddha and
Three, Discussions and discourses held by the Buddha’s disciples
Self-Nature is the nature of oneself
Original Heart is the essential mind
Lower mind is Vijnana in Sanskrit , past impressions that make one desire
And cause one to label or differentiate people and matters as nice or ugly
Also known as the lower mind, the human heart or the false self
Vijnana is the act of distinguishing, perceiving, recognizing, discerning…
Essential mind is the pure heart of a new-born baby which is not desirous
And does not label or differentiate people or matters as nice or ugly
Also known as the higher mind, the humane heart or TAO heart
Spiritual body is the inner being, spirit or thinker
It is not easy to understand this deeper teaching
Unless one is truthful and sincere in the cultivation of Truth
It is sad that certain people accused TAO of copying the teaching of others
And claim that it is their teaching
TAO is not a religion, it is the universal truth and it belongs to all
So the teaching of other religions also belong to all
Whatever good in one religion is usually good in the other religion
Many of the good teachings are the same because it is universal and not exclusive
It appears in the bible as well as in the sutras of Buddhism or Taoism ……etc  
The teaching of TAO came from the words of Master JiGong and other Immortals
It is in the Holy seminars of TAO all over the world since the 19th century
That these teachings were written down until today to guide the modern society
By the Buddhas of the three periods, the past, present and the future
I hope that critical people before making any comments will allow themselves to
Use the essential mind and not the lower mind.