Every Single Drop of Sweat
Is it sinful to be ambitious?
The strong desire to achieve
Could have positive or negative results
When young, the advice from parents
Is to study hard
So that one will have lesser
Problems in earning a living
As a human, we have to eat
And walk on land as to
A fish swimming in the water or
A bird flying in the air
A reality we cannot escape in life
Ambition is very real
We cannot live in water
Or fly like a bird soaring the sky unaided
What are the end products of ambitions?
A more comfortable life
So that every single drop of sweat
Is worth more than a cent
For this, thank God you have blessings
Unknown or unseen to you
Let the sound of the bell from the temple
Wake you up to appreciate
The success in your life
Make it to contribute positive results
Make it a success of everybody
And not only yourself
Share your success and pity those
Who sweat so much to earn just a few dollars
There are a few places in the city and also my small hometown
Where certain people have to sweat so hard in order to earn a few dollars
I can see them chasing after the lorry carrying goods with their bicycles or motor bikes
Hoping to earn a few dollars by carrying the heavy rice bags, cements or any goods  
And sad to say these people who work so hard
With that little money, they hope to strike by gambling with numbers
Half of their hard earned money goes to the lottery owners
Worse, they have to queue up to pay the lottery owner, who are behind
Laughing very happily to the bank with hundreds of millions of profit
From the blood and sweat of these poor people, how dreadful
Every single drop of sweat is not even worth a single cent
So each time we sweat during the propagation of Tao
Be it a reminder to say how lucky we are
Every single drop of sweat has great meaning
It is the sweat to enrich our wisdom.